How to improve your weight loss workouts

Even though it is difficult to overestimate the importance of workouts for weight loss, it is no less important to make for an effective workout set instead of doing exercises mindlessly. Find below the recommendations on how to turn a simple workout into a true fat burner and try the top-5 fat-burning exercises.



Before getting down to the training itself, make certain you are fine with the fundamental rules underlying any slimdown-oriented set. Apart from accelerating the weight-loss effect, these will hold you harmless against any injuries and overloads.

  • Kick-start your training with a warm-up, which will help your body take its time in getting prepared for the set;
  • Follow the warm-up with the easiest exercises, proceeding with complexity very gradually;
  • It is a mistake to work out the imperfect body parts only – rather train your body in its entirety, for which purpose fitness sessions and cardiovascular trainings are the best match;
  • Combine cardios and power exercises – the latter do not contribute to getting thin, but excellently supplement the cardio workouts keeping the muscles up;
  • Finish your weight loss workouts with a cool-down, which will tell your body the training is over;
  • Avoid starving diets together with gym visits – these cannot get on well, or else you will deadly exhaust your body making it short of vital nutrients.

Once you are in, get started with doing your fat-burning exercises.


Top-5 fat-burning exercises in a single set

This weight killer set is distinguished by regular fallback to the exercises done already. This way, your body has no time to over-relax, and thus your fats enjoy better opportunities to melt away.

As said above, warm yourself up first. Use a cycling machine and cycle for 7-10 minutes. Then, get down to your exercises.

  1. Squats

Making the legendary fat-burning squats improves your abdomen area, lower back and buttocks, as well as the back of your thighs.

Make 3 sets, 10 squats each. Have short 30-second breaks in between. Watch your thighs are parallel with the floor all the way through.

  1. Pushups

Pushups are good to follow squats as part of workouts to lose weight. They keep your upper and lower back up, as well as improve the upper arms. Make sure your hands are close to each other when getting started, with your wrists on the same line with the shoulders. When pushing up, have your elbows very tight to the body.

Make 3 sets, 7-10 pushups each. Have 60-second breaks in between.

  1. Outward lunge

Your buttocks and front thighs are likely to become perfect-looking very quickly unless you play hooky with outward lunging.

Lunge your both legs outward – 2 sets for the right one, 2 sets for the left one. Watch the thigh of the leg in action is parallel with the floor when moving.

Make 12-15 lunges per each set resting for 30 seconds between the sets. Then, get back to squats – make one more 10-time set, then a 30-second break, and a lunge outward set again with exchanging the right/left legs.

  1. Bicycle crunches

This exercise adds great value to weight loss workouts owing to its dynamic abdomen area training. As such, you can very quickly remove fatty deposits from your abs with no time- and money-consuming surgery.

Lie down on the floor and pull the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa simulating cycling in the air.

Make 2 sets, 50 left/right crunches each. Don`t forget to relax between the sets – allow yourself a 60-second pause.

After the bicycle crunches, get back to pushups and make one more 10-time set, then a 60-second break, and a bicycle crunch set again.

  1. Frog jumps

Jumps being themselves extremely positive in a harsh struggle with extra pounds, frog jumps are twice as good. Because the pace is very energetic, it is deemed a true fat burner if done at its fullest. Its primary areas being legs and buttocks, frog jumps still work out the entire body, provided that your enthusiasm is on the edge.

Strike a frog pose, your knees bent and buttocks parallel with the floor, like in squats, and jump forward as actively as you can simulating a frog. Make 15-20 jumps.

Finalize your workout with a cool-down, to bring your muscles in peace and soothe the stress made to your body. It can be light jogging on a treadmill or cycling as in a warm-up, but in a very slow pace.

weight loss workouts

All exercises done successfully, don`t forget about healthy dieting and regular water drinking. No weight loss workouts are really effective if not supported by a wise diet plan. Cut back on bad fats, starchy carbos and sugars, and opt for lean proteins along with seasonal greenery. A daily gallon of clear water will get you close to the daydream target and make you forget about pills and plastic surgery.

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