How to get it right with weight loss treatment

weight loss treatment

Depending on what sort of weight loss treatment you select, your results will be either astonishing or frustrating. Below you may choose between the three much-talked-of treatments: spa, acupressure and Ayurveda, or decide on bringing them all together in a single weight-loss plan.



Spa is said to smooth the cellulite skin and blow the extra inches away. However, it is all about losing your water weight rather than fats – which is, actually, not that bad, too (provided that you suffer from no superfluous dehydration). Either massages or wraps or various electrostimulations and vacuum therapies as part of this weight loss treatment – it matters little to your fatty deposits accumulated by the body. Still, regular customers do claim the cellulite reduction, which is achieved through correct manipulations using special devices like rollers, and if done regularly (at least twice a week).

Anyhow, experts encourage making for spas, but as auxiliary and reinforcement procedures only.



Acupressure sounds like acupuncture and is actually the same but using fingers instead of needles. Fingers press the target points of your body and thus stimulate your overweight to leave. Even though an alternative therapy, acupressure enjoys big popularity among those under slimming, including Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Matt Damon. Still, the research evidence is poor to be sufficient to confirm the true-to-life weight loss, even though regular acupressure customers do witness to lose a couple pounds more than they used to lose when on a diet or any other treatment for weight loss. In any case, this way to slim does no harm unless provided by a layman.

You can practice acupressure successfully together with acupuncture and polish both by spa manipulations on top.



A legendary Indian practice, Ayurveda is deemed a powerful weight loss treatment because of its combined effect eventually resulting in quite a few pounds shed. One cannot describe Ayurveda as either a diet or exercise plan. It is both, as supplemented by specific spiritual development, through breathing exercises, self-massage and meditations, – which in fact leads ultimately to smart eating and adequate physical activity, under the influence of the changed mindset. Being also an alternative therapy, it nevertheless demonstrates remarkable weight loss achievements seen, for example, from Gwyneth Paltrow`s slim-fit look. To enjoy strong and long-lasting results, it is recommended to join professional Ayurveda schools teaching the practices competently and capable of making individual weight loss programs adjusted for each customer.

You can combine the Ayurvedic practice with acupressure and acupuncture and add some spa, but do it wise through making a schedule with all the above weight loss procedures split consistently week-through.

weight loss treatment

Despite that there exist weight loss treatments for any need and budget today, there is no one-fits-all way to slim. Experts recommend paying attention to your medical record before starting any program and rather consult a competent weight-loss coach to double-check if the selected treatment can really be helpful in your individual case.


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