Why you may need weight loss surgery

weight loss surgery

Women globally dream of hourglass-shaped bodies and men of six-pack abs. But what if the situation is so frustrating that cheerleader-like and ottermode physique gets sidelined, with superfluous body flab struggle to be brought to the fore? Then, it can happen that you fail to get through on your own, and you may need weight loss surgery.


Why your belly is getting flabby and how to recover

Probably, your frustration will fade away if you get to know that flabs around your belly are not that rare, with the world`s statistics to be distressful. But, hopefully, you are not that sort to be soothed by this fact and accept it hands down. After all, the belly flab is only an aesthetic problem on the face of it. The reality is but scarier: the abdominal fat in abundance results inevitably in heart diseases and often ends up with diabetes.

There are several belly-flab factors:

  • Getting over-weighed and subsequent slimdown.

Ill-balanced nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, hormone disruptions and being continuously stressed-out affect waistlines adversely, and finally you may find yourself in a weight loss surgery room. It is ever more aggravated by your successful attempt to lose extra pounds – when your belly fats melt, but your belly skin cannot shrink to its original size.

  • Skin ageing caused by natural lapse of time.

You grow old, and your skin is no more elastic. And this is not about your sudden weight changes or something: unfortunately, even those slender-waisted for years are exposed to belly flab with ageing.

This is the time for additional weight, along with overstretched abdominal muscles following the childbearing. As such, you get sagged skin on the waistline.

Regrettably, the above is almost never recovered through dieting and workouts, as you struggle not fats but stretched skin, which is often a “can-do” for solely weight loss surgery.


Surgical ways to get rid of your pounds


The most popular way to remove the overweight surgically is liposuction, or, simply put, vacuuming your fats away. There are different methods used by surges to remove your fat layers and reconstruct your skin – like tumescent, laser or water-assisted liposuction. Your surge will help you choose the best match for your individual case. Even if your weight is not critical, liposuction is prescribed when nothing else provides a positive effect to your overall body look. Thighs, rear, belly – you can improve whatever part of your body.

Unfortunately, this way of surgery for weight loss is only appropriate for those with elastic skin – in other words, the aged people are out of the list. Anyhow, consult your doctor to make sure your skin elasticity is apt or not.

Be aware of the side effects, which likelihood is to be discussed with your doctor. For example, there can be extensive and painful bruising and/or swelling, and it can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months to disappear. There may arise scars as well (but not necessarily), which disappear in a week or two, but sometimes it may take you as long as one year. Your movements can also be limited for some time, so make your life plans accordingly.



The most effective way to beat stretched belly skin is abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. Actually, this way is the only one to improve really grave body look changes – like extreme weight loss or complicated pregnancy. It is also a true lifeline for those denied liposuction due to inadequate skin elasticity or other factors. Abdominoplasty is simply the removal of extra skin, together with unnecessary fat layers. Your muscles are reconstructed and your overall look recovered to become originally attractive. Same as liposuction, this way of surgery to lose weight provides for a variety of methods: it can be complete, or partial, or extended, or whatever, and it is your surge who is to decide on the best-fitting solution for you to finally love your body.

As any other surgical procedure, tummy tuck anticipates certain risks, which are to be borne in mind before getting down to it. If you are prone to poor wound healing, ask for your doctor`s advice. You can also experience pains (sometimes long-lasting) and swellings. There may occur numbness, which but normally disappears soon. You may feel changes in your skin sensation, but it is also temporary.




Surgery is actually the best way to get rid of body imperfections. However, you should remember to check with a competent doctor first, to get certain you have no contraindications like heart diseases or idiosyncrasies. Note it is medical intervention, which presupposes particular discomfort, promising as it is.

Perhaps, you will get a bit upset when read that even such radical solutions will not let you feel relaxed. Even though such surgery effects keep life-long, you will have to do basic exercises and provide for healthy dieting to make them work.

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