Weight loss support groups: share your woe and progress

weight loss support groups

Often, diets and exercises alone are not enough to overcome a pack-on problem. Dieters need strong motivation to meet the challenge, and who but weight loss support groups can provide for better stimulation!


How to lose weight with a support group

It can happen that you got divorced, or fired, or delivered a baby, and the resulting stress put you into obesity and out of any social connections. You get deeper and deeper in the jungle of solitary despair and frustration, and no one is beside you to cheer up. Your pounds grow day by day, and there you have them duplicated finally.

You suddenly recover senses, and here come the weight loss support groups, which mission is to share your woe – motivate for opposition, advise on best fitness and dieting programs, recommend cutting-edge gyms, competent nutritionists and cute weight-loss couches  and do a lot more vital things you were totally out of while cherishing your obese solitude.

Statistical figures say optimistically that those fighting their overweight within a single-minded community lose more pounds and generally do it more often and quickly as compared to the people not using the groups` support.


Where to find a support group

Probably, you will be surprised, but the support groups for weight loss can be found virtually everywhere – provided that you target to find them.

  • Web communities. One can hardly underestimate the role the internet plays in today`s living. Forums, communities and groups where users share experiences in whatever life areas are available in abundance for free. You can find the appropriate user gatherings on almost any website, most requiring no personal data, which makes it possible to be anonymous should you make much of your privacy. Web communities prove to be very effective in combating such challenges as overweight removal.


  • Blogs. Blog is yet another web-based opportunity to not be left with a touchy slimdown case face to face. Blogs can be written by either those underway with their weight-loss efforts or the ones already progressing or the people advising on how to best tackle the problem. You can also follow the blogs by celebs sharing their slimming practice.


  • Gyms and counseling centers. These places are an excellent way to look for supporters and friends-to-be, since you are all brought together by the same goal. To make it easier, you may join a single-sex session (for males or females only). Frequently, you don`t even need to take initiative: many gyms and weight-loss centers provide for in-house support groups – just ask.


  • Mobile applications. Software developers take care of us day and night, and so you are happy to benefit from such apps as Fitbit , which makes it possible to join a dieter community and share the progress and defeats, as well as compete with your new companions. What you need is a smartphone or tablet to download the application, register, make a personal user account and get involved.


  • Asking around. You are most likely to be amazed at how many people would be happy to join the shared-interest communities, especially when it goes about such sensitive issues as weight loss. Not everybody can start up a community from scratch, but most are enthusiastic to join the existing one. Ask around and find the like-minded people or those who have already won their weight-loss battles.


Dieters reporting on their progress with support groups

Angela F., 26, from Alabama said she lost so much time while she was idling around and pretending to not notice her obviously extreme fats. It happened only after 9 long years as she chanced upon a support group for weight loss at a counseling center, and positive changes began. Angela was sceptic first about everything she heard from the group members. She even confessed that she envied those who were already seen to be losing weight by their resulting looks to become more and more attractive. It took a month or so before she realized those people could really help her, and what was the most important – they did want to help. Now, Angela is one of the group’s mentors sharing her remarkable 17 lb loss practice and motivating the newcomers for action.

A 31-year-old Sophie R. from Nebraska found her support community on the web surfing an expert weight-loss website. Unlike Angela, she came enthusiastic right out of the gate getting fully involved in the group`s life. The woman sought for competent advice from ordinary users having the same overweight problems as well as degreed dieticians hosting the community. Sophie claimed this was valuable experience with the society where everyone lent a helping hand rather than pushed off, which finally helped her approach the problem alternatively and lose as much as 29 lb.

weight loss support groups

Weight loss support groups can turn your slimming around. You will see how eager other people are or watch the guys like you from outside and realize how wrong you are when doing nothing.


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