I Did It! Weight Loss Success Stories

weight loss success stories

My true-to-life weight loss story. How I managed to shed 44 lb within 2 months! No starving diets and exhausting workouts.

Hello, dear friends. I`m Olivia Clark, 25, an eager career maker and a happy wife. Probably, you think: “What`s wrong with her! She is happily married and her boss makes much of her.” But it was not always like this. I`m here to tell you one of those weight loss success stories, which inspire for bigger accomplishments, but start with true frustration. I`m here to encourage you not to give up, but rather follow my example and change your life by changing your weight like me: from 153 lb to.. 109 lb.


Yes, it`s true! I got lighter by as much as 44 lb after just 2 months! I wouldn`t believe, you know, if someone told me one day that I would get that thin just idling around. Neither would I believe that something could cut so much off my body. But.. I have a gut feeling that you need more details. So, first things first.


How it came up to me

You know, I was never satisfied with myself: there was always something I didn`t like about me – my habits, my temper, my body, of course. My appearance imperfections topped the list: I didn`t like my nose – it was too short, I didn`t like my mouth – it was too small, but most of all I didn`t like my body – it was too plump. And certainly that men did feel my self-attitude and tended to dissolve into thin air. Well, even the air was thin, while I remained thick.

But one marvelous morning put an end to this miserable lifestyle. Probably, you expect me to tell there happened some miracle, or I had an apparition requiring me to slim down. Nothing of the kind: I just woke up and understood I didn`t want to be like that any more.

And suddenly I remembered one produсt.


What motivated me

I heard about it from my friend who talked about its values as being tested winningly by herself. Actually, I heard a lot of those weight loss success stories, but I didn`t care: I never thought of them to be a part of my own life. However, this body cleanse somehow anchored in my mind.

Meanwhile, I got very determined about slimming down. I felt like there was high time to change. I clearly saw I was failing full-scale: my socializing was on the edge; my potential marriage had poor prospects; my job was close to termination. I was strongly convinced that my reduced weight would definitely bring me self-confidence resulting in self-acceptance together with my “short” nose and “small” mouth.


So, I sat down and made a kind of plan on a 2-column sheet of paper: in the left column, I wrote the “before” things, and the right column included the “after” changes. Eventually, I got an exhaustive to-do list of targets where I saw myself a happily married cutie doing her favorite job and surrounded by positive people.

Horribly inspired, I got down to my incredible weight loss.

How this product saved me from defeat

My first time was taken very hesitantly, even though I got extremely determined by that time. Truth be told, I never believed I would myself write one of those savvy stories of weight loss success based on some product alone!

Yet another truth was my total reluctance to go on various diets and sweaty workouts. I just hated them, and I understood that was not my type. This was my only lifeline, and so I had nothing to regret.

A true shock was a 44-pound slimdown with no training and starvation in just a couple of months!

The slimming effect was approximating me gradually, and first it was several pounds, and then more and more.. I couldn`t believe my eyes as I stood on the scale: I was getting thinner and thinner. In the meantime, I neither raised a finger to exercise nor cut down on junk food.

I got more and more curious about the substance I was taking, and I found out it was very popular in the Orient where people were using it permanently to purify the intestines and detoxify the bodies. The natural nutrients like fennel seeds, ginger, rhubarb, aloe vera, licorice root and legendary weight-killing cayenne pepper remove toxins and drive the metabolism to further stimulate your pounds melt away.

8 weeks of relax and 44 lb off

My first week was already positive: I lost 3 lb. Because I didn`t expect that at all, my spirits raised high in the sky.

The three subsequent weeks kept on positive, and I was further shedding extra pounds. At that, my routine remained the same: no diet restrictions, no unhealthy feelings – just nothing. Only weight loss – this time 16 lb in aggregate. All those successful stories of weight loss, they turned out to be real-life.

During the next two weeks, my wellbeing suddenly turned better. I even didn`t suspect I had felt bad before I started feeling better! I felt like my digestion went well, and I started sleeping much better – you know, with no that annoying sleeping off and on all the way. As the two weeks finished, I witnessed I lost 10 lb more. Again, no starving diets and worn-out exercises.


The last two weeks appeared to be absolute record hitters in terms of weight loss speed: after the fourteen final days, I marked the loss of 15 lb. My overall condition was excellent. I felt my intestines to run like clockwork.

I look like this, now:


My total weight loss was 44 lb, and it was incredible.


The success was not long in coming: I met a man who I married very soon, and we plan to have babies in the near future. I was also promoted at my job, and now I have the duties I`ve always wanted enjoying a very positive attitude of my boss. My self-esteem is improved, and it seems like I love everything about myself. I couldn’t even imagine thatit can have such a big influence. It`s really true that you start behaving in a different way as you become good-looking. I checked it personally, so no lies!

Of course, I’m not going to stop, and now I regularly monitor their website for updates. I`m about to keep on losing weight and continue with my weight loss success stories. I recommend you testing this product, if you feel like diets and workouts are not about you, or if you wish something comfy and easy-to-use. Probably, I’m not a very good teller (sorry!), you can read more on their website. Should you need any help, I’m very enthusiastic to assist and provide for more details based on my personal experience.

I do wish you success, my dear, because now I know what means to be heavenly happy, and I want to share this feeling with the world.

the link to the official website of this product



Olivia, it was so nice to come across your story here! I`m in a horrible situation now, with my 211 lb. It looks like I have tried everything, from hunger diets to devastating workouts, but nothing helps. I became fully discouraged, and now it is my only hope. I got very enthusiastic after your experience – maybe, it will help me too, who knows. Whatever, I`m here to say thank you for your time to share your success.


I couldn`t pass by this post, because I`m also taking it. My result is 16 lb after 3 weeks, so it does work. It`s all natural (ginger, chili pepper), so don`t be afraid.



My mom recommended me this product. She had a positive effect, even though not as remarkable – probably, this is all about the age difference. I`m still hesitating: you know.. But I`m too lazy to go in for sports or something, so I guess the magic bottle will appear in my bedroom someday. Anyway, thank you, Olivia, for your absolutely positive attitude.


Ah, the same about me: I don`t like loads of things about my appearance. I wish it could help me stop torturing myself and make me love my mirror reflection. I can`t believe it can work out. Olivia, I wish I had some advisory from you. I`m 187 lb now, and I`m certainly not happy with this.

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