Get inspired by compelling weight loss stories

weight loss stories

A lot of us need changes with the body weight – someone with light plumpness, others with true obesity. Yet, how many people cannot kick-start their weight-loss plans just because they lack motivation. To bring you a better incentive, we have summarized the inspirational weight loss stories of different people following different slimming plans, however joined by the same idea – to be pretty and healthy.


“I was close to despair until I found my raw food dietary plan”

Those are the words of a young pretty lady Samantha whose curves definitely boggle the minds of quite a few men. However, if have a look at her 1-year old photo, one will be puzzled: Sam now and Sam then are two different people. Astonishing as it is, but the girl has lost 41 lb within six months. Her weight a year ago was 179 lb, but now she is as light as 138 lb.

How can it happen so fast, you may ask? The secret is eating raw. Samantha ate only raw food, with no thermal processing, no preservatives and chemical supplements. Raw vegetables, grains, sunflower seeds and some fruit (principally not sweet, to avoid sugar), together with eight daily glasses of water, were the nucleus of her everyday ration. The diet took half a year, with two weeks dieting and one week resting.

“To tell you the truth, I have never believed myself in such extreme weight loss stories,” she says. “It always seemed like we are repeatedly fooled by tricky sellers, or glossy writers, or whoever. Still, you can see the result, and it`s amazing: in my 28, I am a happy 138 lb wife and mom.”

weight loss stories

“Running and detoxing brought me to life”

So starts one of the most remarkable teen weight loss stories – the story of a charming 15-year-old girl Annie who lost the amazing 57 lb out of the horrible 201 lb. “As far as I can remember myself, I was always snacking,” the girl says. “My room was jammed with stashed candies and biscuits, and chips were my best friends. It is that, you know, I have never had real friends… I was perpetually nervous about it – and that was, probably, the reason for my awful gluttonizing.”

Annie was rescued by simple running every evening, as intermingled with the detox smoothies like mint and strawberries blended and turned into an energetic eco-drink to remove bad fatty deposits.

The result came evident in two months already: the first 8 lb went away. Since the third month of the weight-loss plan, the extra pounds started melting like the snow in spring. “Am I happy?” Annie says. “Of course, I am! My perception of the surrounding is totally different now. My current 144 lb is an absolute win, although it`s not a limit for me, I am sure.”



Getting motivated is a huge driver for a weight loss battle. Sometimes it is too complicated to find an impetus, especially as the overweight seems unbeatable and problems are likely to be unsolved. If it is about you, snuggle down with the weight loss success stories and realize that nothing is impossible.

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