Weight loss quick: what to eat and drink

weight loss quick

To make your weight loss quick, you need a smart combination of healthy foods and cleanse drinks. Either of the components missed retards the loss of weight or even impedes it. Learn below which foods and beverages should be included in your fast slimming plan.


Fat-burning foods

The list of slimdown-supporting foods is extensive and includes lean meats, fish like salmon or tuna, oats, legumes, nuts, berries, grapefruit , avocados, lentils, spices like cinnamon or chili pepper, and other. Below are the two products you are encouraged to pay special attention to when seeking for quick weight loss.


Rich in fiber and protein, quinoa helps you feel better satiated, which naturally cuts your cravings. It is also a low glycemic index product, which means your insulin is under control, so no abrupt blood sugar jumps.

Chia seeds

Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, these Mexican seeds are an excellent carbohydrate moderator. You may eat more carbs, but not accumulate extra fats owing to a strong Omega-3 capacity to drive up the energy and so make you shed more pounds.


Almost no fats and enough fiber makes this product just perfect for the quick loss of weight. As a constituent of various meals, oats do good to your health slowly yet effectively. Their cholesterol-combating capacities are known to win obesity.

Quinoa, Oats and Chia seed recipe

Take 1/3 cup cooked quinoa and 1/3 cup uncooked oats, and mix them with 1 tbsp Chia seeds. Pour the mixture with 1/2 cup low-fat milk and add 1/3 cup water. Cook for 5 minutes until the liquid is almost absorbed by the ingredients. When done, touch the meal with cinnamon and serve with banana or avocado slices.

This recipe is an excellent solution for your workday breakfast, as it keeps you full until lunch.


Detox drinks

The truth is that any fruit and vegetable is a nice fat-burning basis for a detox drink – provided that you mind the sweetness and escape it before sleep. Below are the ingredients believed the most effective to make the weight loss quick.

Ginger, lemon and cucumber

Take a mid-size cucumber and a small lemon and slice them evenly. Pour the slices with two glasses of clear water and add 1 tbsp grated ginger. Leave it to stew for a short while (7-10 minutes) and drink up. This invigorating cocktail will keep you hydrated meanwhile relieving from bad fats, cholesterol and other toxins and thus make your body shrink in size.

Cinnamon, banana and green tea

Put half banana into a blender and pour it with half-cup chilled green tea. Blend it until smooth and touch the resulting beverage with cinnamon. The fat-burning drink is ready and should be consumed instantly. This healthy mixture keeps you full and vigorous and at the same time leaves no extra inches on your waistline.

weight loss quick

To trigger your weight loss quick, make for a schedule to get certain your everyday meals and drinks contain all the vital ingredients above to combat the overweight.


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