Find your way through weight loss plans for women

weight loss plans for women

You have finally decided to start struggling your flab? Then, you are almost likely to get lost in tons of weight loss plans for women. Find out below the diet program , which is definitely to cut your body off the annoying fats.


Low Carb Diet

This sort of dieting is quite gentle, as it leaves harsh starving out but rather cuts your ration down on carbohydrates being confirmed foes to slim-fit jeans. Dieters are not required to turn a “hunger mode” on; they only minimize starches and sugars that are typically used by our cells for self-fueling. Once starchy foods and sugar-rich products are close to zero, the body starts using its fatty deposits to feed itself. This actually brings the slimming effect.

Expected weight-loss results

If follow the low-carb dieting step by step, the effect can be much better than after many other weight loss plans for women – with approximately 40-50 lb in six months. What`s good about the low carbs is that the body tends to get rid of unnecessary fats only, with no harm for the overall health and physique. As such, the vital nutrients remain unmoved; meanwhile, the body learns how to use the healthy fueling sources. Thereafter, the weight is gradually underway with self-balancing, and the body gets adjusted to the new nutrition mode seeking for no extra fat accumulation. No extra fat – no extra weight, the formula  is elementary.

Food restrictions

Get ready to give up pastas, potatoes, confectionery, sweet and/or soft beverages, beer and ale. You are recommended to almost forget about sweet fruit, let alone eat it before sleep (usually 2-3 hours in advance), which is actually a common restriction for most plans of weight loss for women.

Instead of the above, go heavy on greenery and vegetables (not starchy), legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as lean meat and fish with seafood. Mind that meat does not include any sausages, hams or bacons, as well as no preserves – either meat or fish – should be on your nutrition list because of many tumor-producing fat booster additives and carcinogens they normally contain.

Be consistent with water drinking . A gallon of still water is a must. Add your drinking list with 2-3 cups of green tea  known for its excellent flab fight capacities. Of course, your tea should be unsweetened (honey or artificial sweeteners excluded, too).

Tentative menu

Of all the weight loss plans for women, dieting with low carbs can be quite the thing for creative minds owing to its diversity. In fact, the menu opportunities are virtually boundless, as you only need to remove all carbo-rich ingredients, with the rest to be kept on your recipe list. The only precondition, on top of no-carbs, is moderate eating – your servings should be frequent (5-6 per day), but small.

A guideline menu may look like this:

  • Day 1

Breakfast: Omelet (yolks and whites are okay) with mushrooms and tomatoes; an unsweet apple (better green); a cup of sugar-free tea or black coffee.

Lunch: A medium-size plate of boiled turkey, or chicken breast, or veal, or beef (lean meat); a veggie salad (lettuce, cucumbers, fennel, spinach or the like); a glass of low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner:  A medium-size plate of roasted fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, or seafood); a glass of fresh unsweet juice.

  • Day 2

Breakfast: A tea-bowl of cottage cheese with nuts and seeds; an unsweet apple; a cup of tea or coffee (no sugar) or a glass of fresh juice.

Lunch: A chicken salad with lettuce and greenery sprinkled with lemon juice and seasoned with olive oil; a glass of low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner: A light veggie soup with hard cheese, celery and broccoli; a cup of sugar-free tea or a glass of fresh juice.

  • Day 3

Breakfast: Boiled eggs (2-3 pcs.) with some slices of hard cheese; a grapefruit; a cup of black coffee or green tea (no sugar).

Lunch: A veggie soup (no starches); a small-size roasted beefsteak; a glass of low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner: A small-size plate of turkey roasted with hard cheese and cauliflower; a glass of fresh juice or a cup of green tea (both unsweetened).

weight loss plans for women

Make for a week and a half of your low carb diet at a time – repeat the above menu every 3 days. Then have a weeklong break, and start it over again. You can keep it as long as you wish and eventually make it your routine nutrition. Unlike many other woman weight loss plans, this sort of dieting is no harm, since all critical nutrients find the way to their must-be destinations. However, you should anyway listen to your body and stop it immediately once you feel kind of discomfort or see something goes wrong.


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