Weight loss methods: Dukan Diet

weight loss methods

Given the today`s variety of weight loss methods, it is important to not get cheated by popular names but rather differentiate between what is true and what is mere promotion. The Dukan Diet is among the much-talked-of methods, and dieters often wonder if it can really work for them.


Dukan Diet: proteins vs carbohydrates

40 years of extensive medical experience have brought Doctor Pierre Dukan to develop a low-carb but protein-rich diet driving the metabolic rate so as to trigger pounds to melt.

As split into 4 phases – 1st and 2nd for losing weight, 3rd and 4th for maintaining the result, – this weight loss method rests upon 100 foods claimed to be permitted for eating in whatever quantities:

  1. Attaque: Rapid weight loss based on 72 protein-dense foods.
  2. Croisiere: Eventual transition to the dieter`s healthy weight – protein days interchanged with protein-and-vegetable days.
  3. Conso: Eventual reintroduction of more calories to the dieter`s ration, with every Thursday to keep being a protein day to take the weight jump under control.
  4. Stabi: No food restrictions, provided that dieters walk for 20 minutes a day, eat daily 3 tbsp oat bran and stick to one protein day a week.


Successful stories of Dukan dieters

The experience of losing as much as 110 lb by a 23-year-old Christine after following the Dukan Diet is a remarkable example of how the dieting can work out. A victim of parents’ divorce, the girl – who was actually always bigger than her coevals – went heavy on food to soothe the stress, which eventually brought her too many extra pounds to feel self-confident and nice-looking.

Since her food was far from being well-balanced: sweets, biscuits, chips and chocolate, the girl was doomed to failure until she started looking for the adequate methods of weight loss and finally fixed upon the Dukan Diet.

With Dukan, Christine started eating breakfasts – which was a rare thing before. Enough proteins and certain diet-friendly ingredients were wisely combined in the menu containing eggs, ham, chicken, oat bran and fat-free yoghurt. Such healthy nutrition made the girl short of 13 lb almost instantly – within the first ten days.

Slightly after, following Dukan`s guideline, she added non-starchy veggies to the existing menu and further lost about 60 lb ultimately opting for Dukan out of the rest of weight loss methods.

These days, as Christine reached the desired size, she keeps on watching it through doing cardios, regular swimming and arranging for a protein day once a week. In so doing, she can now add starches, bread, fruit and cheese to her diet and actually eat as much as she wants but in small servings split evenly through the day.

weight loss methods

Apart from dieting, you can get the Dukan Coaching choosing between its online and on-site versions. Following your coach, you first learn how to slim and then how to maintain the resulting weight. You can also choose from a rich variety of the Dukan-branded foods and join the Dukan community online. As brought together in a single well-combined slimming tool, Dukan Diet can be considered one of the most effective weight loss methods today catering for both professionals and ordinary dieters.


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