Weight loss exercise program for problem areas

To remove unappealing inches from the problem areas, a custom weight loss exercise program is needed. The specially designed exercises help keeping the delicate body zones toned.



Probably, there is no need to stress how deadly our abs requires adequate training to keep fit. As part of the exercise program for weight loss in the abdomen area, do a forearm plank – this will very quickly bring you close to a flat belly.

Take a bent-arm leaning position, with your feet pulled together, forearms parallel to each other and elbows put underneath the shoulders. Watch your body to be stretched in a straight line, from ankles to the back of your head: to make it work, your hips, glutes, calves and the area between the shoulder blades will get tensed, which is to help bring them in a well-toned condition, too. Hold this position for a minute, or at least 30 seconds – for beginners. Planks are allowed everyday, and even several times a day – depending on how well you both get on.

weight loss exercise program


Upper arm

Upper arm is the area of concern for too many women to keep it unnoticed. To make it flab-free and well-shaped yet not over-trained, do a bending-body arm extension.

Take 2 dumbbells 4 lb each, have your legs at a hip length and bend them in the knees slightly. The kick-start position is ready. Now, pull your glutes backwards and bend your body a bit forward smoothly. Keeping a slight bend in your lower back and bringing your shoulder blades close to the spine, pull the dumbbells to the lower abdomen. Watch your abdomen to be tense (note tense abs is required all through the training by most weight loss exercise programs). Pull your arms behind in the position parallel to the floor. Then bring them back to the initial position. Do 20 arm extensions, and after a minute break do 10-15 extensions more. Mind your upper arm muscles should feel like they all burn during the last 10 times.

weight loss exercise program


Inner thigh

If you are not happy with your inner-thigh area, make a weight loss exercise program accentuated on plie squats well known for their capacity to bring the upper leg fats to burn.

Take an upright position with your feet out and hands on your waistline. Watch your legs to be put much wider than your pelvis – this is the prerequisite for the overall success of your exercise. Protrude your pelvis a bit backwards and bend slightly forward making a right angle with your knees. Watch carefully that your knees are in line with your toes, but not beyond them. Then recover – and do it again. Make for 3 sets, 20 plies each, with a minute break in between.

weight loss exercise program


Combine the above exercises in a single weight loss exercise program and do them 3 times a week. Experts say this smooth but very effective workout plan will relieve you from the problem areas within very short time.


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