Weight loss eating plan

weight loss eating plan

To trigger your metabolic rate and thus start shedding pounds, you need a working weight loss eating plan. The dieting method below will help your body get rid of fats on your thighs and waistline as well as streamline your digestion system so that it starts working for your slim shape.


A 6-day diet to make you fit

Weight-loss nutrition experts recommend opting for a light fruit and protein diet among the eating plans for weight loss, to cater for your slimming effect:

  • Day 1

Breakfast: 4 oz cottage cheese (honey is allowed); an apple; a green tea.

Lunch: 6 oz skinless turkey; baked broccoli coated with low-fat cheese; a fresh carrot or pumpkin juice.

Dinner: a cottage cheese pancake and a low-fat yoghurt.

  • Day 2

Breakfast: a 2-egg omelet with tomatoes and spinach; a fresh carrot juice.

Lunch: a mid-size tilapia fillet roasted with pumpkin slices and dressed with turmeric; a green tea.

Dinner: a lettuce and cucumber salad seasoned with olive oil; a low-fat yoghurt.

  • Day 3

Breakfast: 4 oz cottage cheese (handful blueberries or strawberries is allowed); an apple or pear or mango; a green tea.

Lunch: 6 oz skinless chicken breast with non-starchy vegs; an orange or half-grapefruit; a fresh pomegranate juice.

Dinner: a mid-bowl of a seafood salad; a low-fat yoghurt.

  • Day 4

Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit (honey is allowed); a green tea.

Lunch: 6 oz boiled or roasted fish (this eating plan for weight loss allows choosing between salmon or tuna or sardines); a lettuce, spinach and avocado salad; a low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner: a mid-bowl of grilled seafood (choose between shrimps or oysters or squids); a fresh pumpkin juice.

  • Day 5

Breakfast: 7 oz fruit salad; a low-fat yoghurt.

Lunch: a cream tomato soup touched with turmeric; a greenery salad (arugula, spinach, parsley, basil, rosemary etc.); a green tea.

Dinner: 3 oz cottage cheese (no topping); a low-fat yoghurt or a green tea or a fresh carrot juice.

  • Day 6

Breakfast: a 1-egg omelet coated with low-fat cheese; a light veg salad (lettuce, spinach, arugula seasoned with sesame oil); a fresh apple juice.

Lunch: 3 mid-size cottage cheese pancakes (honey or sweet berries are allowed); a low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner: 3 oz grilled beef or veal; a light lettuce and spinach salad; a green tea.


On Day 7 of your weight loss eating plan, start it all over again from Day 1, if you feel like you need more of that. Don`t forget to drink water in between your meals and make sure you do this in the daily amounts not smaller than 2 gal. Also, snacks like seeds or nuts (unprocessed only) are recommended every 1,5-2 hours.

weight loss eating plan

This weight loss eating plan, if followed carefully, can work like magic with your overweight. This is twice as good, since this dieting makes it in a completely healthy manner – as such, one cannot call it sort of starvation or so: dieters get all the nutrients they require on a regular basis, thus making the inches leave the waistline with no harm for health.




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