Taking weight loss drugs: how to avoid harm

weight loss drugs

What you have to know about the weight loss drugs first is that none of them alone can drain your pounds. Any weight-loss medication needs a good company of healthy dieting and vigorous training – in many cases, the two of them are enough to beat your overweight unassisted. Still, if you see no effect from your custom-made diet plan or exclusive workout, a regular slimming pill can do good. Learn how to make the right choice and avoid irrevocable harm to your body.



Even though slimming pills are widely believed to do harm, there exist special indications for taking the respective powders or capsules, of which you can be informed by your doctor upon screening.

Obesity as a health hazard. Weight loss drugs are often prescribed to those obese and having severe hazards for the inner body functions – like liver, heart or kidney work – caused by such obesity. So, if you are the one to have standard weight but strive for catwalk parameters, better forget about the pills, as no qualified doctor will recommend you on weight-loss medicines. Yet, if your pounds block the heart function, with multiple resulting disorders, taking drugs along with a well-balanced diet and light exercises can become a nice solution.

When nothing else helps. When a patient is fully frustrated with all the weight-loss efforts to be in vain, but is either not ready for surgery  or not recommended for any surgical interventions due to medical reasons, the respective prescriptions can take place. Such popular drugs as Xenical or Meridia can help block cravings and provide for the false but persuasive feeling of fullness. The drugs are dosed very carefully, not to interfere with the natural efforts for losing the extra weight, which have to occur with such patients along with drug taking.

Quite a few agree that unless wrongly prescribed slimming pills can do good for health by cutting the unnecessary pounds and thus restoring the critical body functions. For example, such popular weight-loss medications as Qsymia and Saxenda are scientifically reported to reduce the weight by approximately 5%, which is a remarkable effect with the obese. Experts note that this share takes away the increased blood sugar and hypertension, together with bad fats and unhealthy cholesterol, rather than just inches off the belly. This, in its turn, decreases the risks of diabetes, heart attacks and blood strokes. Of course, this only works out if dosed properly and results in no side effects.


Side effects

You should be aware of the hazards the side effects bring along when medications are taken carelessly. This is especially dangerous in case of allergies or individual intolerance, of which you may not be aware without a doctor`s consultation. It can be that such negligent behavior ends up with the patient`s death.

Adaptation can be hard. Choosing weight loss drugs is never a piece of cake for whatever physician, since all patients have their own idiosyncrasies. Given this, get prepared for a long track of selecting the medicines by exclusion. It can be hard enough for your body, which may be feeling adverse effects while walking along the path of wide choices. Still, it can be worth the candle once your doctor is successful with finding a good match for you.

Huge risks for pregnancy. Women are strongly discouraged from taking any slimming drugs if they expect to be or are pregnant. Slimdown-oriented medicines are very negative for the fetal development. The paradox is that such weight-loss pills as Contrave or Liponox are often prescribed to women who cannot get pregnant due to their overweight, and the effects are often reported to be positive.

Internal organs are potentially endangered. Unless you do everything right, your body is perpetually at risk. You can experience the enduring fatigue and long-lasting insomnia, bloating or diarrhea. It can be a heart disorder and even death resulting from an abrupt rise in blood pressure. Your kidneys or liver may get adjusted poorly to the chemicals and thus initiate the internal misbalance, which will have severe consequences and, at the worst, bring a lethal effect.

Prices are high. Yes, being expensive is also sort of side effect: drugs for weight loss are never cheap, while scanty insurance companies cover for such expenses. You should be ready for this as you get started – it may happen that you will need a long course, and thus a heavy wallet.

weight loss drugs

Never forget about the potential risks when you take drugs to lose weight. An unspoken rule is to consult a doctor first, and then follow the prescriptions step by step avoiding self-action. Even the medications reported the safest can do considerable harm if overdosed or taken wrong. Always watch your pill box, and better opt for sports  and dieting should you have such an opportunity.

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