Slimming with a weight loss coach

weight loss coach


Thumbs up, you are about to start your first weight-loss workout! But you hesitate about what to choose: home training, independent gym visits or personal instructor services. Find below why a weight loss coach can become the best panacea for your overweight.


Why you are better with a coach

Beginners are recommended to train with a personal coach due to the following reasons:

  • Appropriate selection of exercises. You are still under the illusion that a workout itself is already an achievement? Wrong you are! Different exercises fit different people. Even if a particular exercise does fit you, it is important to make for a correct number of sets, breaks and overall workload. Don`t risk your life if uncertain about how to do this or that move.


  • Custom-made workout program. It can be that your self-made slimdown program brings no effect. You economize yet receive a zero change. To engage a coach to lose weight means to streamline your weight-loss efforts and trigger the right targets. Your mentor will be coordinating your progress based on a professional program where your individual capacities will be taken into account. Besides, you can ask your instructor for focused workout plans – when you target particular results like cutting off your thighs or upper arms or having your calves toned. It is a piece of cake for any competent coach.


  • Healthy diet plan. No weight loss is possible without smart eating. To make for slimdown nutrition is also your coach`s responsibility. Get your diet fully consistent with your workouts, which is actually the key to your slimdown success.


Top coach applications

If for some reason, you cannot afford a personal human couch, download a software one. In view of the ever-increasing boom for healthy living, today`s world of applications is rich in various weight-loss options.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is an online mentor to teach you how to get motivated for slimming. Your personal coach, which is your pocket companion from now on, will excellently perform two vital tasks: slimdown motivation and progress control. An alarm will be telling you of your every next meal, water intake, scaling or exercise. Given that the app is an excellent motivator, you will be stimulated by incentives, your every step distinguished by a reward.

The application is easy to use, with a comprehensive menu providing for plenty of options: goals, recommendations, notes and reminders, daily tasks to fulfill and rewards won. You can download your “before” and “after” photos for better motivation. A special option will make it possible to self-measure your personal accomplishments and check out the suggested incentives.

My Diet Coach enjoys many positive testimonials, the users emphasizing its tremendously strong motivation background. Quite a few report significant loss of weight since they first started using the app.

There is a free version – more basic-oriented, and a paid one encompassing the whole range of weight loss coach functions (including a diet-planning tool, calorie counter and weight control charts.)

Noom Coach

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan is a popular dieting application having considerable positive feedback from users. It incorporates a calorie counter, food diary and fitness tracker all together working for your improved physique. You enter your age, sex, weight and height, as well as any medical alerts – this is enough for your app coach to calculate your ideal weight  and make out a custom dieting program. Your task is to control your calories taken in and out (which is made simple by the app`s function) and fix them in a diary. This coach for weight loss makes it possible to calculate the caloric value of each meal you eat, as well as find any popular recipe on the web and get accurate with its calories using the integrated counter. The taken-out calories are also monitored nonstop, with the fitness tracker to consider your every move and report the lost energy. The tracker may also be used during your jogs or walks for distance calculations.

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan is excellent to be applied jointly with My Diet Coach, with the latter to motivate for healthy dieting and the former to provide for this very dieting.

The application is free of charge, but its developers offer a paid-for premium version, too – with additional recipes and online community access.

On top of it, we recommend you reading this post for more applications designed to take your flab away.

weight loss coach

No matter which of the weight loss coach types you choose, your principal task is to be consistent and not give up your slimming efforts once you get bored or exhausted. If you feel like you are too weak to endeavor this alone, opt for a human instructor and don`t hesitate to go into expense: this will be rewarded soon with your friends` wows and your improved self-esteem. Still, if you feel confident in your stamina, virtual assistants are to be a good match.


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