Weight loss clinic: visit or not?

weight loss clinic

You are ready to use fitness equipment round the clock and keep a tight hold on exhausting dieting, but you cannot get the hang of it on your own. Or the time has come when you feel like nothing on earth can help you slim down, and the only thing you may need is surgery like liposuction or abdominoplasty . In both cases, you may need a weight loss clinic, which would meet your expectations. But first, let us find out if such clinics do provide for any value.


Clinical slimming vs Home weight loss

Medical centers, dietary resorts and many other weight-loss establishments, new-born and early-invented, use almost common approaches, which actually cannot surprise you by their originality. They largely follow the coherence of purgatives, uretic substances, hormones and special-purpose vitamins accelerating your slimming. Their dietary programs copy the commonplace ones often practiced by you at home, with no secret made of it. Grapefruit  and detox diets, organic foods and 1,200 calorie diet plans – these are just a drop in the ocean of widely known size-reduction tools used extensively by clinical institutions.

So, why do many people contact a weight loss clinic anyway? The answer is as clear as day: you are fully supervised by real pros in your every slimdown endeavor. Statistics say that competent doctor`s control helps dropping five to fifteen pounds within the first week or two, and up to thirty pounds at the end of the first month. The ever more vital thing is their professional skill to stimulate your weight loss motivation : knowledgeable doctors and narrow-area dietician psychologists provide for specially designed tools to inspire you for slimming, which is, unfortunately, rather hard to achieve at home alone.


Patient`s experience at Duke University Diet Center (N.C.)

Amanda P. is a 37-year-old patient of the reputed Diet Center at Duke University in the US state of North Carolina. When you see her “before” and “after” photos

weight loss clinic

, it becomes evident that she does not regret her stay with the Center: after all, she dropped sixteen pounds within three weeks. What is especially curious about Amanda is that her visit to the clinic for losing weight was preceded by seven exhausting years of home-based overweight battle. In the long run, the extra pounds defeated her, and, fully frustrated, she decided to reach out the expert dieticians.

If describe the Center in a couple of words, it is one of the leaders in the medical weight loss area where everyone is promised to find a program to one`s liking: from day-through slimming operations taking a week or so to fully-fledged programs lasting for months.

Amanda`s program included a medical consultation followed by the individually selected lab tests, as well as fitness instruction and behavioral therapy.

Overall, their clinic for weight loss provides for two treatment phases: indoor weight-loss program and outdoor follow-up testing. As part of phase-1, the woman underwent weighing, which showed all her gaps, and the body mass index calculation , which quite obviously proved to be far from ideal. All done very quickly, her next step was to have some tests like blood sugar measurement, urine samples and a cardiogram.

Following the instructions by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the doctor`s decision was three complete weeks of an individually designed diet mix, with light addition of weight-loss supplements  and Omega 3 fatty acids. There were also specific fat-burning pills working to help control cravings through regulating the blood sugar level, as well as B6 vitamins to rev up Amanda`s metabolism .

21 days of step-by-step instruction observance hit home: the patient lost a great many pounds she could not even dream of. She made no secret that it involved many efforts of hers, but she never regretted her choice. The follow-up phase-2 took two months thereafter, during which she was visiting the clinic for close watching. Now, the woman keeps the achieved results even with regular exercises and balanced dieting. From time to time, she drops by the Center to see her doctor and get the most recent expert advice.

weight loss clinic

Of course, what can stop you from visiting a weight loss clinic is the bills, which amounts vary depending on the business scale and reputation. The better the image, the more expensive the clinical services. Certainly not every costly medical center is good, same as not every cheap clinic is bad. Still, experts recommend contacting the reputed ones, to benefit from the privileges and social protection perks they offer. At any rate, the choice is yours of whether to visit the clinic or diet and exercise at home. What you need is the target outlined as clearly as possible: imagine the positive changes, which are to happen to you after slimming, and go for them lion-hearted.

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