Weight loss challenge: how to make it work

weight loss challenge


This 4-week weight loss challenge is aimed to cut your pounds and bring you life satisfaction. Split into fixed stages, it engulfs the entire process – from getting motivated  to real-life slimming. Want to keep healthy while also getting a slim-fit silhouette? Then, get down to stage-one and proceed to completion.


Set weight-loss goals

Getting motivated is very important. Think of the upcoming events, which are likely to drive you lose extra pounds, and formalize them into goals. There can be both long- and short-term ones like “I wish to become slim and pretty by my son`s prom, in three weeks” (a short-term goal) or “I see myself a 15-pound smaller delicate woman to match the position of a flight hostess, in ten months” (a long-term goal).

A strong encouragement for you is to set all your goals on paper. It has been proved scientifically that visualization accelerates the sought-after results, whatever your task. What you need is have the goal-to-reach list before your eyes as frequently as you can. This to facilitate, have your list printed in multiple copies and hang it out around your home or office (or both will be excellent).


Calculate your daily calories

Calorie calculation is indispensable to your weight loss challenge being presented by a sound balance of calorie in- and outtake. A widely used formula is to multiply your weight by 12 and deduct 500 from the resulting amount: (weight x 12) – 500 = daily calorie intake. You can also calculate your ideal body weight following these recommendations.

It must be said that a globally accepted amount of daily calories is 1200, and there exist special-purpose 1200 calorie diets designed to keep it even. However, pay attention that this is the norm for a sedentary to low-active individual, and should you practice high-intensity exercises , your daily calorie intake increases proportionately by default and can reach as many as 2000 calories a day. How to work it out for yourself? As easy as ABC: listen to your body, and we mean it! If you try a 1200 calorie diet but feel starving all the time, – and you know you are an eager walker, or jogger, or gym guest, – then proceed to 1500 calorie dieting, and so on, until you find the one to fit your body well.


Buy healthy food in stock

The first two vital steps made, continue with the third one: go healthy shopping and stockpile for the entire 4 weeks of your weight loss challenge. In so doing, you hold yourself harmless against any breakdowns in the form of impulsive eating the junk food available at your home. To make it work even better, wash your kitchen shelves out of all those snacks and processed foods – canned, tinned or packed. No reason – no crime. Instead, your home is stuffed with healthy foods containing such slimdown-friendly elements as good fats, lean proteins and fiber. You have them at hand, and so you start eating them wonked-out thus getting into a habit of healthy dieting.

To succeed in this effort, make for a healthy shopping list following a food pyramid . As you finish, check with the list that you get enough:

  • fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy products;
  • whole grains (rye, brown (not white) rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, quinoa, oatmeal);
  • fish and seafood (salmon, tuna, sardines, herrings, crawfish, squads, shrimps);
  • low-fat meat like veal, beef, chicken and turkey (the last two solely skinless);
  • clear water expected to satisfy your daily one-gallon needs;
  • green tea to drink 1 to 3 (unsugared) cups a day.


To better organize your nutrition, you can make a detailed daily menu based on what you buy in a supermarket. Remember to eat in small but frequent servings (4 to 7, depending on your physical activities). Still short of small-size dishware? Then, it is high time to get supplied.


Plan your weeklong exercises every Monday

Your challenge of weight loss cannot be complete without exercises. Remember to do them regularly. As part of this plan, you are recommended weekly to either 160 minutes of light motion (like walks, smooth jogging, yoga, Pilates) or 80 minutes of dynamic moves (like sprinting, high-intensity trainings).

Every Monday, make a detailed schedule for each day of the week – this will definitely prevent you from playing hooky. It can be light fitness, cardio, walking or whatever you feel delightful. You can dedicate each day to particular activity or combine several types within one training. Your daily workout can look like this.

weight loss challenge

When done with this challenge of losing weight, you can assess your results and get down to another one after a while. What you should know about such challenges is that they raise your healthy lifestyle habits, and you cannot but make them a routine in the long run. Which logically means cutting all those distressful extra inches off your body.

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