What is good about weight loss boot camp

weight loss boot camp

Some say a weight loss boot camp is too tough and not at all about relaxation. For others, it is the only possible way to lose weight and maintain the resulting achievements. So, what is good about a boot-camp program, and is it worth the candle?


Mother of three about her boot camp experience

A 49-year-old Miranda, mother of three minor kids, has always been on the heavy side, which got especially remarkable after the last childbirth. When it finally occurred to the woman that she was no more in control of her body, there came a decision to contact a boot camp for weight loss.

“Of course, the camp was preceded by lots of self attempts to tame the overweight all through my life. But I cannot remember that I could get thinner by more than a couple of pounds, which actually tended to creep up on me very soon again,” Miranda shared her sad story.

The boot camp turned a totally different pair of shoes. Miranda confessed the biggest driver was to become better than the companion women around her. As, in fact, she appeared to be the heaviest. Following others, the mom of three started challenging herself and ended up with her own aspirations exceeded.

Today, after more than 27 weeks of a weight loss boot camp left behind, Miranda feels “gorgeous like never before”, with 36 lb lost in a fully natural manner using no medications . Correct breathing, masterful exercise sessions and smart coaching – this all contributed to her present look and self-confidence. But it was sort of team play, which she claims to drive her most.


Boot camps worth enlisting

Biggest Loser Resort

Made after The Biggest Loser reality show, the Biggest Loser Resort hosted in California, Florida and New York is tailored to melt your fats in a smart and controlled manner. Experienced trainers help transform the unhealthy weight into a slim-fit shape. Their regular day is an extremely dynamic workout finished by spa and massage. In fact, this is one of the rare bootcamp cases when the mission is to burn calories and have fun at a time. A so-to-say stick and carrot method can be the weight turning the scale in favor of the Biggest Loser Resort for you.

Lifestyle Fitness Camp

Not more than 10 campers in a group turns the Lifestyle Fitness Camp into a custom weight loss bootcamp thinking much of its client success. Called “America`s Most Personalized Weight Loss Camp,” this establishment in Utah offers challenging workdays that never duplicate one another. This is to prevent the habituation effect when the body responds no more to the weight-combating steps . The core of the weight-loss program is resistance and cardio interval trainings wisely combined with group fitness classes and swimming, as supported by healthy nutrition. The Lifestyle Fitness Camp is to fit your need for strict yet adequate control.


When you feel like you lack motivation and technical knowledge to kick-start your trainings, a weight loss boot camp is probably your best solution. If you are still not certain, navigate the web for user reviews or register for a free trial normally offered by most camps.

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