Weight loss blogs to learn slimming

weight loss blogs

Weight loss blogs are a true lifeline in today`s array of slimming opportunities. One of their unquestionable values is practicability: most slimming solutions  are tested by the bloggers themselves, and so the blog readers can benefit well from their experience. Below you can find the blogs, which authors are reputed to be weight loss experts. Their excellent fitness recipes enjoy great popularity among the public, with the users to follow them successfully all over the world.



“Being fit is always in style” – so is the motto of the blog and personally Gina Harney, the author. A successful wife and mom, Gina is always underway with her self-development, including the one related to her fitness, and she looks really fit.

After losing 40 lb, she found out there were pretty scarce weight loss blogs, and so it came to her mind to start her own blog and accentuate quick yet effective ways to slim-down and maintain the achieved results. To gain progress, she decided to share her positive experience with others pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Trailblazing recipes  and effective sports trainings can be followed by her users on a day-to-day basis. Even though Gina has several certifications, she does not claim to substitute the professional medical advice, but rather recommends using both.

Among other, you can find lots of healthy breakfasts at Fitnessista. A pumpkin oatmeal bake is one of them. This recipe is considered valuable by Gina due to its being gluten-free and perfectly fitting the vegetarians and vegans. It is easy to cook – just mix the ingredients (oatmeal, pumpkin, banana, dried cranberries, almond milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, cinnamon and salt) in a bowl and bake the mixture like a pie for 20-25 minutes. This early meal is said to be a kick-start for your excellent day.

The Fitnessista blog will be useful to young mothers and contemporary women in search of light and winning weight-loss opportunities where ease and rapidity are the priorities.


Prior Fat Girl 

This is one of the blogs about loss of weight, which happened in real life and inspired the dieter to make a blog and tell the world about her accomplishments. Jen Emmert is the girl to target a 90 lb loss, and she did hit the goal. When you see her “before” and “after” photos, you do realize that nothing is impossible – and so is the blog`s motto.

And there was to be only the beginning, but suddenly Jen suffered horrible experience: mid her day-dream target pursuit, her mom died in a car accident, which fully frustrated the girl. Nonetheless, other women kept on following her mission, and now the blog is used by lots of followers globally to share the slimdown recommendations and discuss the progress.

Jen talked a lot about the human psychology, which sort of hampers the progress. “Stop complaining and wasting everyone’s time, save yourself the frustration and embarrassment of failing and stay the way you are.” So were the words she told to herself one day, and a moment after she was doing already her first step towards slimming.

Jen and her follower girls devoted much of attention to such critical weight loss things as motivation and goal setting . Unlike many other blogs about weight loss, which principally concentrate upon dieting and training alone, Jen`s website stresses the need for the right targeting. Those under diets will learn from the blog how to self-motivate for losing weight and what sort of goals should be set and further certainly achieved.

The Prior Fat Girl blog will be useful to teenagers who often feel like they are no earthy good for anything and thus stay alone with their overweight and the resulting inferiority complexes.

weight loss blogs

If made by pros, weight loss blogs can become an important self-study source. Moreover, everyone can write a blog today, and if you feel like you have a lot of vital things to share, or you are one of those who have gained already the amazing weight-loss peaks, make your compelling story available to others – dieters all over the world will definitely wish to know your experience and try your wonder recipes and workouts.

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