Weight loss before after experience: dieters tell their stories

weight loss before after

The truth that a great many dieting tools are effective in each individual case is further confirmed with the weight loss before after evidence shared by dieters of different age, geography, lifestyle and other. No matter your diet plan, you can obviously benefit if select the appropriate one, as vividly demonstrated in the below dieter stories.


Celebrity programs: 23 lb less following Mariah Carey

The weight loss program followed by a popular singer Mariah Carey has led a 27-year-old Kathe Y. to the stunning 23 lb off her original weight – which was definitely disliked by the young woman whose proportions seemed to be “truly awful”, as she used to say.

When she started Mariah`s smart diet, the changes in her appearance and overall well-being began to show up almost immediately. And finally, Kathe`s weight loss before and after came out to be “a different pair of shoes,” as the woman comments amusedly. What is more, the dieting is customized so as to eliminate the risks of such “fat-driven” diseases as diabetes and heart attacks.

Kathe shares her experience, which includes both wins and losses, and tells it was first difficult enough to count properly the daily carbs, proteins and fats – which accurate calculation, actually, makes for the successful outcome itself. But she adapted very soon, and it took only a couple of months to get that thin.

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weight loss before after


Atkins diet: getting 14 lb lighter

As much as 14 lb lost within a 3-week period was the result reached by a 44-year-old Ron M. following the famous Atkins diet. Now, the man`s weight loss before after look is apparently different, and he thinks much of the diet recommending it to his friends.

However, the beginning was quite tough, Ron admits: to get over all sugars seemed totally unfeasible, as the man was well known for his addiction to sweets. First, all those “horrible confectionery cravings” were continuously taking over him, but he gradually learnt how to replace sugars with fats so that to trigger the extra pounds to fade away. In the long run, after following Dr. Atkins` manual, Ron knew how to do it perfectly.

Today, the man is 14 lb lighter, and his appearance before and after weight loss has definitely changed for the better. Still, Ron claims it is not the end: since Atkins is designed to be life-long dieting, he is to keep following its rules, to make certain the lost inches will not come back.

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weight loss before after

As you can see, the above stories are based on different techniques, but all of them are united by the entirely changed weight loss before after pictures. Looking at them, you can witness how persistent their owners were in fighting the annoying overweight , and they followed no single method but sought for the one to fit each of them best.

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