Weight loss after pregnancy

weight loss after pregnancy

For many women, weight loss after pregnancy is not an easy task to do, even though they start having a fat-killing HCG hormone while carrying a baby. It is getting even more aggravated by dozens of breastfeeding-related diet and workout precautions. Still, there are simple ways to beat your overweight.


Weight loss for nursing moms

Since nursing restricts considerably the list of weight-loss opportunities, moms should do with what they are allowed. Truth be told, it is not that little and can definitely provide for positive slimming effects.

  • Normalize your eating

It is a huge mistake to go on a diet right after the childbirth. It can harm your baby and, actually, no slenderizing result is to come along due to natural specifics of the after-pregnancy body. Quite a few erroneously think to cut down on foods and thus get into an early shape. What`s really right is to control the food quantities, but not remove the essentials (iron, proteins, calcium etc.) – which are, in fact, most of the foods we take everyday.

As such, your task is to eat diverse, but monitor your servings and frequency. Make for 5-6 meals at the same time every day. Despite that you feel starving, use small plates and always under-eat. For the purposes of successful weight loss after pregnancy, eat meat, fish, poultry, cheese, soy, legumes and nuts for proteins; dairies for calcium; seafood, liver, eggs and coarse breads for iron. Be certain that such normalized nutrition will do good not only to your curves, but also to your baby`s health.

  • Go for long and regular walks

Daily walks with a baby should become your good habit, as they are to make you slim-fit again. It is a proven fact that dynamic walks can burn as many calories as gym trainings. Since you are not yet allowed gym visits, make use of a baby carriage. For remarkable results, walk 2 times a day, 2-3 hour long each. Try to watch your pace, which is to be intensive and preferably unchanged.


Juice diet for non-nursing moms

Like many other diets to stimulate weight loss after pregnancy, juicing is only possible when you don`t breastfeed, or else you run the risk of your baby`s allergies and other disorders.

Juice diet is a detox cleansing your body off toxins and thus removing your extra weight gained with the childbirth. The essence of this dieting lies in its name: you will be drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices all day long (but not more that 5 days at a time!) No other meals, just juices alone and water in abundance (about 2 gal per day.) Nutritionists recommend decreasing gradually your food quantities during a couple of days before getting down to a juice diet.

How to best perform with juicing? Take a sheet of paper and schedule your each glass of juice making for as equal intervals in between as possible. Your task is to split the juice gulps equally day-through. When waiting for your next juice, drink clear water – a glass per intake is enough, not to overload your heart.

Avoid starting your diet with citrus fruit juices like lemon, orange or grapefruit juice – these can irritate your mucosa not ready yet for such harsh pregnancy weight loss. Unless you have any stomach disorders, apple, grape and pomegranate will serve a nice fruit basis for your juicing. Choose celery, cucumber, carrot, broccoli and garlic as excellent veg sources for such dieting under no disease exceptions.

Why not exceed 5 days? It is important to understand that such diet plans are close to starving due to their extremely low caloric value, even though vitamin-rich composition (B1 and calcium for broccoli; A, B, C and potassium for apples; beta-carotene for carrots; potassium, iron, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc for garlic.) This in mind, doctors strongly discourage dieters from juicing for more than 120 hours in a row and rather advise to make it 70 hours.

To leave the diet smoothly, add light soups and blended foods little by little. Watch carefully the body changes during the next couple of months, and should you start feeling awfully hungry, this is the signal that your body is about to take the lost pounds back. Your mission is to prevent it: cheat yourself drinking water or green tea when you feel like you could eat an elephant, but the time for your meal is not now. Normally, it doesn`t take a lot of time to get used to the new eating mode.

weight loss after pregnancy

Wisely selected plans to lose weight after pregnancy bring amazing effects, and you can finally shed all your childbirth pounds. Always choose the plans to cater for your nursing or non-nursing. Because it is the life of your baby, read carefully the diet or workout conditions and preferably check with a doctor before you get down to going thin.


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