Water weight loss: myth or reality?

water weight loss

So many ways to drop in size are there today all around us, stimulated by the universal beauty standards too cruel to have mercy for our feelings. Water is one of such ways deemed to give us the cherished grace and refinement. It is believed that the adequate water intake improves the body shape immensely. But does drinking water help weight loss? Or it is yet another story for corn feds?


Calorie-free does not mean calorie cut

To start with, water is free of calories, which makes it an appealing tool to decrease the weight of our bodies. However, the drinking water weight loss is not as evident as the one caused by exercises. Regular water gulps are not equivalent to regular workouts in terms of their weight loss power.

Put simply, a water diet plan is primarily the body detoxification, which stands for organ and blood purification rather than dress size reduction. The body cells need water all the time, and so you assist them in their hard work by hydrating the body from the inside. But not burning fats. Water sipped on a regular basis throws away the waste accumulated inside you. But not the extra calories making you obese. The water diet weight loss is, first of all, a diuretic action initiated by the 2 liters of water drunk throughout the day. Yet, it can hardly be called “loss of weight” in its traditional sense.

Water diet plans, whatever they can be, should be brought together with regular trainings and smart nutrition to trigger the metabolism, which is then more likely to result in slimming down naturally and healthy.


Drink water before meals

No miracle: water taken in prior to getting started with your meal a sort of fools your stomach saying it is already satiated. This helps taking your hunger under permanent control. As such, drinking water before breakfast, or lunch, or dinner can easily reduce the calorie amount by 7-15%. But only because you don`t consume them, as cheated by a glass of water swallowed, – not because the water itself cuts your pounds.

The advice is to drink water every time you feel like you are hungry – this will help reveal your false hunger feeling, if any, and avoid unnecessary eating. It is recommended to drink the room temperature water only. Never drink it all at once, as you risk killing your heart, especially as you do it regularly. Portion the sips throughout the day as equally as possible. The best way to do it right is set an alarm to notify you on every next water intake.

water weight loss

So, how much water to drink for weight loss? Probably, the question is irrational, since drinking water contributes greatly to other body functions, rather than losing weight, – every bit as important as melting the useless pounds around the torso. This considered, be sure to drink the adequate amount of clean water a day (normally 2 liters) and enjoy your body safe and sound.

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