Most effective vitamins for weight loss

vitamins for weight loss

A large variety of vitamins does not leave us unarmed in front of any life perplexity. Many a vitamin, many a function. Yet, those pursuing the reduction of overweight need to know first what vitamins are good for weight loss, and if there are any vitamins at all that do burn fats or calories.


Vitamins to protect you from a plus size

To fit well the weight charts, we need to be aware of which vitamins to include in our regular nutrition, and which ones serve anything but our slim build. So, let us summarize the best vitamins for weight loss:

  • Inositol (or vitamin B8), an active partner to the fat metabolism liable for burning extra fats. The first and foremost sources of inositol are beef heart and liver, soy, wheat germs, eggs, nuts and citrus plants – add them to your regular meals.


  • Choline (vitamin B4), ensures healthy lipid exchange and is very harmful in its deficit as to accumulate huge fatty deposits in the liver. The body cannot combat properly bad fats if short of choline, that is why make sure you eat cucumbers, cauliflower, egg yolks, beef heart and liver, and peanuts on a regular basis.


  • Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin that helps absorbing calcium well (which, in its turn, beats the existing fatty deposits and prevents the new ones). It contributes to leptin generation, which is in charge of satiation. Take vitamin D from the foodstuff – fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel, or cod-liver oil, or butter; as well as from sunlight.



B12: fat burner or booster?

Why do they often talk of B12 vitamins for weight loss? Do these really make our appearance delicate and our frame slender? In fact, the truth is only partial: B12 contributes greatly to blood circulation, which is, yes, a proactive participant of our cute body organization, but it has nothing in common with fleshing. In a word, B12 is neither a fat burner nor a digestion catalyst.

Still, we cannot get without B12, which is more than welcome in our everyday ration – to support all other efforts of ours oriented to reducing unnecessary kilograms. Thus, make sure your diet plan is stuffed with the B12-rich food to replenish your daily norm of this substance – which is, by the way, up to 3 mcg and is not recommended to be overdosed. Such a microdose considered, at least one ingredient a day from the below list is enough already to support your body in struggling against a distressful dress size:

  • Beef and veal liver;
  • Kidneys;
  • Egg yolks;
  • Fish – like salmon, herrings and sardines;
  • Seafood – like crawfish and oysters.

Mind those all should be boiled or baked and no way fried.

Also, to make your B12 feel comfortable, avoid aggressive smoking and alcohol drinking; enjoy as much sunlight as possible; sidestep from sterilizing your foods and treating them thermally; minimize antibiotic substances and food preservatives.

 vitamins for weight loss

Given all said above, you are encouraged to consume the vitamins for energy and weight loss on a daily basis, and shortly after you can calculate your body weight to witness positive changes and see it is ideal now.

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