Vegetarian weight loss nutrition

vegetarian weight loss

Vegeterian food is gaining its momentum all over the globe, both among the ordinary people and those on the crest of the wave. Such celebs as Olivia Wilde, Jared Leto and Denzel Washington all go veg to keep fit and avoid gaining weight. A wisely selected vegetarian weight loss plan can leave you beyond trouble with your wellbeing and pretty look.


Plant-eating to help stabilize your weight

A popular 7-day veg diet is the one to cut you on ten to fifteen pounds, provided that you follow the instructions carefully. You are said to receive a flatter belly, remove the ugly flab from your waistline and detoxify your organism as a whole.

Your vegetarian diet for weight loss will be all veggies, fruit and starch (consult the food pyramid to see the product groups you can afford).

  • Start your first day with fruits like apples, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries or watermelons and leave mangoes, grapes and bananas out. Eat as much as you want, but make for equal breaks in between. Don`t treat them thermally or otherwise.
  • Go ahead with your second day to be devoted to vegetables. Give preference to eating raw – to get the most of nutrients, vital weight-loss vitamins and fibre. Go for any veggies you want, but cut down strictly on potatoes. The fresh greenery like basil, dill, parseley, spinach, fennel or asparagus will do perfectly.
  • Combine the two above into a day-three, only excepting potatoes in full. The quantity and frequency are up to you again, but be wise with breaks in between.
  • A day-four is the day of 7 bananas on your ration – make use of it to get both pleasure and potassium. You can also add 5 glasses of milk to this tropical yummy. Make sure again the eating intervals are equal.
  • Your fifth and sixth days are soup days. Cook a veggie soup for the whole day and eat it in many small servings all through. The ingredients are any vegetables and greenery supplemented by some fat-free cottage cheese.
  • On a day-seven, the diet-concluding one, no fruit but fresh juice is allowed, as well as any greenery and vegetables and a new ingredient – brown rice, which you will have to consume in three small servings (morning, noon and evening).

Every single day of your dieting shall include 10 glasses of clear water, which will be your main source of energy.

It is important that you hold back from drinking alcohol a few days before starting this vegetarian weight loss meal plan, all through the diet period and several days after completion. Should you disobey the instruction, your body will start retaining the superfluous water, which will result in a frustrating weight gain instead of its loss. Owing to its being over-consumed – 10 glasses opposed to many other diet plans that expect you to drink not more than 7 daily ones, – the exposures are true-to-life, so be careful, to make the water turn into the vital energy rather than a burden.

vegetarian weight loss

The vegetarian diet weight loss is a powerful one. You can achieve wonderful results if be a diligent dieter. Follow the above rules and calculate your resulting weight to see it’s perfect.

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