Unexplained weight loss: reasons to fret

unexplained weight loss

Probably, many of you would be happy to enjoy extreme slimdown, some even wishing it upon shooting stars. But what if you experience unexplained weight loss? What hazards may it be fraught with?


Looking for reasons

To begin with, there is always a reason for any weight loss: one cannot shed pounds out of the blue and leave it unnoticed. Remember that any unnatural slimming is potentially hazardous. Never let your pounds go with the flow, but rather try to find the explanation. To be on the safe side, consult a doctor , since the most hazardous reason for abrupt and continuous slimming is a disease.

You should get especially careful as you notice to shed more than 5% percent of your total pounds within a 6- or 12-month period. As such, if you are as heavy as 140 lb, prick up your ears if lose over 7 lb effortless. Not that extraordinary, you may say. Nonetheless, even such seemingly little weight loss, if done with no labor, can be indicative of poor health.


Pity as it seems, but your unexplained loss of weight can be a logical follow-up of the insulin-dependent diabetes. It is even more likely when you drop in size while having an increased appetite: you eat more yet gain less to nothing.

In case of the insulin-dependent diabetes, the loss of weight is next door to fatigue. The pancreas stops generating the natural insulin – either following the body`s rejection of the insulin-generation cells or because the pancreas is being struck by viruses. Given this, the body starts looking for alternative sources of the vital sugars, and so are the fats and muscles further exhausted to their fullest.


Unfortunately, oncological diseases are in the same line with diabetes when it goes about the unexplained weight loss. It is called “cancerous cachexia” where the appetite and taste sensation get low, and the metabolism  undergoes severe negative changes resulting in fat and muscle drain whatever rich the nutrition. Sometimes, the cachexia weight loss can have the form of extreme body exhaustion.

Lymphoid tumors and leukemia often result in considerable pound shedding, along with visual lymphatitis, which is a prescription for immediate clinic consultation.


TB is yet another grave disease to have rapid and unexpected slimming among its symptoms. The body takes all its efforts to beat the infection, thus exhausting its reserves in full. As such, the appetite is getting poor and the overall wellbeing is deteriorating tremendously. TB is characterized by non-stop fatigue, excessive sweatiness, low fever and eventual anorexia, which may end up with death.

Should you feel chest / pleural pains and experience bad cough, on top of considerable weight loss, don`t wait for more aggravation.

Other diseases

Apart from the three above, there can be:

  • poor digestion;
  • anorexia nervosa;
  • cholepathia;
  • parasite invasions;
  • thyroid disorders;
  • dental problems;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • hormone disruption;
  • heart diseases, etc.

No one but your doctor can find out the true reason of your getting light. Should you experience permanently high or low temperature and never-ending fatigue, in addition to losing weight, then your doctor`s visit must take place immediately.


You shrink in size, but feel perfect

What to do if you lose weight yet feel perfectly well? To consult a doctor or not? After all, nothing but your getting thinner manifests itself. Yet, experts recommend making an appointment with your physician as early as possible, even though you lose less than the unblessed 5%. It can be that your extreme slimming is symptomatic of very severe inner misbalance, and the earlier you discover it, the better chances you have to overcome the problem.

Still, whatever your symptoms and howsoever they can resemble the ones typical of the above diseases or any other disorders, avoid getting frightened in advance. It may come out that your unexplained losing weight is nothing but a stress or exhaustion, which is very easy to improve just giving yourself longer hours to sleep or eating healthier . It may also speak of alcohol or tobacco abuse and require cutting down on them. Or else, the reason can be the intolerance for a particular diet ingredient, in which case the adjusted nourishment will save the situation. Often, the lactose intolerance may cause ungrounded slimdown where you will need to exclude all dairies and so regain your lost pounds. Gluten intolerance is little more serious, as you will need fundamental nutrition adjustments – simply put, the elimination of all gluten-rich products out of your to-eat list, – but a wise nutritionist`s approach will make you free from any unexplained weight loss trouble.

unexplained weight loss

Nevertheless, consult a doctor to eliminate the disease. Breathe a sigh of relief if the disease showed negative. Although keep on controlling your weight, and if any concerns, check again with a doctor after a while.

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