Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

Even those struggling their overweight in any possible ways like proper dieting, regular exercises or food supplements often lose the battle, let alone the people not doing a thing to shrink in size. So, how to Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine and achieve those astonishing results to make you fit the ideal body weight calculations? Follow the below recommendations kindly shared by those already over and done with their annoying round-waistline inches.


Say “no” to processed foods

If you are told to start being organic, don`t be sceptic about the idea. First, this is not all just about raw food (which is, meanwhile, an excellent solution to improve your fitness). To be organic means stop consuming any thermally or otherwise processed foods that do harm your health and your pretty curves considerably. To add, this means avoiding to the utmost the foods processed with agricultural chemicals. Have you ever thought of why the organic food is so much more expensive than the non-organic one? Probably, everyone`s answer is “because it is healthy.” But do you know that this “healthy” also means “a bigger stimulation of your metabolism?” In fact, pesticides hinder your metabolic rate tremendously, partially because they retain too much water inside your body. Chemically treated, and then thermally processed on top, such food brings your weight loss chances to naught. Therefore, if you opt for as organic nutrition as possible, your metabolic rate is likely to skyrocket, provided that you stick as well to the below.


Go for sound fats

Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine with the carefully sorted-out fats. Yes, “eating fats” seems absurd to most of the people looking for moderate to extreme slimming. This is but due to certain ignorance about some fats being good and some bad. Yes, the word “fat” is synonymic to the word “corpulent.” Meanwhile, the very substance is a vital nutrient capable of increasing your metabolism and thus making you lose the unwanted pounds. What you need is remember which of the fats are friendly and which are hostile. Thus, the fats being part of flaxseeds, sesame, most nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, as well as olives, avocadoes and fish like herring, salmon, mackerel and trout can really make a fat burning machine out of your body. Most bad fats are contained in the processed foods like pizzas, hamburgers, crackers, chips, candies and the like – this is yet another reason, on top of the above, why you should better give up eating the synthetically treated foodstuff.


Kill your flab with high-intensity exercises

Hope for a painless battle? Unfortunately, this is not our style. To really Turn Your Body Into a Machine Burning Fats, you utterly need workouts. Your type is sports activities with high intensity – these anticipate short to no breaks at a high level of workload within 15 to 20 minutes as a whole. Why is this scenario particular popular and wanted for burning fats? Because it is considered by weight loss experts to be the most effective pace for boosting the metabolic movement and keeping it like this for a certain while after the training is completed already. A good 15-minute workout plan to exemplify this sort of activity for a newcomer is as follows:

  • Minutes 1 to 4: Warming up with bends and bows, crunches, squats and pushups – rate moderate;
  • Minute 5: Jogging – rate a bit higher than moderate;
  • Minute 6: A 30-second break;
  • Minute 6: A 30-second sprint – rate maximum;
  • Minute 7: A 30-second walk – rate moderate;
  • Minute 7: A 30-second break;
  • Minute 8: A 30-second sprint – rate maximum;
  • Minute 8: A 30-second walk – rate moderate;
  • Minute 9: A 30-second break;
  • Minute 9: A 30-second sprint – rate maximum;
  • Minute 10: A 30-second jog – rate low;
  • Minute 10: A 30-second break;
  • Minute 11: A 30-second sprint – rate maximum;
  • Minute 11: A 30-second walk – rate moderate;
  • Minute 12: Jogging – rate a bit higher than moderate;
  • Minutes 13-15: Cooling down with initial walking and gradual stretching (yoga allowed and even encouraged.)

A special focus is to be made on a cool-down: you should never underestimate this phase of your weight-loss training, especially a high-intensity one, as it is a logical conclusion for your body telling your muscles and brain the workout is over. With walking and stretching, you normalize your blood pressure after a shocking sprint, and so your body temperature gets close to its natural one. Don`t procrastinate and cool down right after the training, or else its effect will be zeroed.

turn your body into a fat burning machine

If you carefully combine the above in a single weight loss plan and tend to it on a regular basis, you will most obviously Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine and very soon become an author to one of those compelling stories about successful slimming.

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