Teen weight loss: how to make it work stress-free

teen weight loss

Obese people are often stressed out. Still, if these people are under-age, the subject gets twice as sensitive.  Teen weight loss requires special attention not only in medical terms – due to the teenager`s body being still in the process of development, but also in terms of psychology – following a normal tendency of the under-aged to think black-and-white. In order to make the things going stress-free, the subject needs correct treatment, including the involvement of the surrounding.


Teen weight loss trouble: where it comes from

Teen weight loss problems can be driven by quite a few factors, from genetic heredity to underlying psychological processes.

The easiest-to-improve yet most widespread is junk food available everywhere: teenagers gobble up chips and snacks often uncontrolled by their parents. Such unhealthy eating accelerates fatty deposits, which quickly go beyond a healthy limit unless the eating behavior is changed.

A bit more serious problem is poor access to organic food, which is often heavy on the pocket for most Americans. Logically, people already start gaining extra pounds when small children.

Still, the food-related reasons are the easiest to address – just minimize the on-the-run snacks and don`t economize on organics. A much tougher case is hereditary overweight, which is especially sensitive for teenagers, with their extremity thinking. Often, such cases are winningly resolved with dieticians and counselors , when a child is provided with a custom diet plan.

Yet another aspect often generating difficulties with the loss of weight for teens is psychological support, which a teen utterly needs from the surrounding community yet fails to get. This results in huge stresses and often brings along the irrevocable obesity trouble subject to drastic actions only.


Effective diet plan for teens

Nutritionists strongly discourage the under-aged from starving diets: the nourishment should be regular, low-calorie but nutrient-rich.

An excellent dieting day for a teen is below:

  • Breakfast: a mix of cottage cheese and fruit or berries, an apple and a cup of unsweetened green tea .
  • Brunch: an omelet with tomatoes.
  • Lunch: a veggie soup with a mid-size veal steak and greenery salad; a fresh grapefruit juice .
  • Noon snack: two mid-size apples.
  • Dinner: a palm-size turkey roasted with veggies and a low-fat yoghurt.

Confectionery and white breads should go to a waste-bin, and make sure you have cleaned your kitchen off any soft sugar-rich beverages like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. A teen`s table should have lean meat and fish (at least 3 times a week), fruit and vegetables in abundance, and dairies on a daily basis.


Tips for parents: how not to hurt a teenager

Often, parents of the heavy are at a loss hesitating whether to regard or disregard their kid`s over-weight or true obesity . Psychologists recommend to definitely not turn a blind eye to it, should the child be obviously uneasy with the plus-size, and fully ignore the fact if your kid is happy. Note ignoring does not mean you should equally close your eyes to your son or daughter`s overeating and reluctance for exercises: it is your duty to bring your offspring to eat healthy and to go in for sports, but do it softly in order not to provoke a protest.

If you see you cannot but regard your child`s problem, advise him or her the blogs  started by other teenagers who faced the same teen weight loss problems and got out of them positively or are on their way now. It will be very useful for the young people to see there are other guys like them who do something – and do it successfully. Perhaps, inspired by others` progress, a teen will want to have a blog of his or her own slimdown accomplishments, and this will be kind of small triumph and strong motivation to shed overweight accompanied by solid boost in self-acceptance.

Often, youngsters follow the celebrity weight loss stories  and jump into the deep end encouraged by their positive results. However, it can pose a serious threat to their health – both physical and mental. It often happens that celebrity people just pretend what they are, the reality being quite different. They can report some miraculous weight-loss techniques they used, but their true slenderizing can be triggered by something else. Besides, you should not forget about the omnipresent advertising: your child`s favorite may just promote this or that weight-loss product , while his or her slimming results from quite a different thing like harsh detox or surgery . Try to be in the know and streamline your kid`s slimdown aspirations.

teen weight loss

Weight loss for teens is often quite the trouble, much bigger than for most adults as being too sensitive a case for the mental immaturity. Yet, if approach the subject from the right end and share the teenager`s anxiety, the overweight problem can be solved very soon.


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