Successful weight loss: follow dieter experience

successful weight loss

Are you busy thinking now where to start your slimming, but still cannot figure out? Probably, it is high time to get deep into successful weight loss stories most likely to inspire you for shedding extra pounds. Three different diets – and three remarkable wins over the annoying inches.


Detox diet: “I could never believe I would be twice as smaller”

Pam S., a 31-year-old teacher from Minnesota, showed an excellent result following a detox diet. Pam`s successful weight loss took four months, 10 detox days each. The woman confessed it was really tough to stick to so harsh a dieting plan, which traditionally takes not more than a week. Still, Pam was extremely determined about losing “those dreadful inches over the thighs and around the waist,” and so she scheduled the maximum period of 10 days at a time.

Pam fully excluded salt, sugars, processed foods and caffeine. Since she never smoked or drank alcohol, it was easy for her to follow the “cigarette and spirits free” rule. Instead, the teacher went heavy on fruit and veggies, which finally made her a pretty 117 lb lady (as opposed to the original 216 lb.)

You can read more about a detox diet here.


Liquid diet: “Fluids you can see through truly make you thin”

Fannie T., a 26-year-old sales assistant from Oklahoma, made her weight loss successful with the help of fully transparent fluids as part of a liquid diet. Fannie ate veggie broths and drank clear juices, unsweetened tea and coffee, as well as supported herself with sports beverages. She was doing it during 5 days in a row after every 2 weeks, and the overall slimming process took her about 7 months, which resulted in the cherished loss of 29 lb.

Even though liquid diets are not recommended for regular use as the ones provoking denutrition, Fannie is to get back to it again, just adding thicker stuff like creamy foods, blended veggies, yoghurts and puddings – to sustain the living.

Look through a liquid diet here in more detail.


Soup diet: “Add no potatoes – and your soup will make you crazily sexy”

A remarkable example of successful weight loss is the story of a family couple, Mike (39) and Jen (36) from Maryland, who were experiencing a soup diet during 5 months and both lost the amazing 34 lb and 27 lb, respectively.

Their ration was “not at all a lackluster,” Jen says, because soups (even though only soups!) were not the same every day. Professional cooks with a long record, Mike and Jen used their fancy and cooked soups with any vegetables possible, only excepting the starchy potatoes. Now, once the initial goal is achieved, the couple is to proceed losing twice as much.

Find more information about a soup diet here.

successful weight loss

Those targeting successful loss of weight should not underestimate the value of motivation. Whatever your pursuit, motivate yourself first through setting the right goals and making the activity schedules. For this to do effectively, learn others` experience to follow positive steps while escaping fails.


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