Obese weight loss: is it possible without surgery?

Obesity can be tough to fight, even though active lifestyle and smart dieting. Heavy people whose overweight is above norm usually move to their obese weight loss dream much longer and thornier. Yet, a good news for the corpulent is that nothing is impossible: you can lose your pounds through tailored nutrition and adequate support.


Tailored nutrition

Many find it unbelievable but obese weight loss can be beaten through tailored nutrition – provided that it is regular, with no playing hooky, in which case you have a perfect chance to say bye to your overweight, just like Samantha did here .

The major concern for the obese is, when cutting down on bad foods, not to start eating the muscles instead of the fats being lost after most foods given up. To hit this target, expert dieticians encourage starting a prep stage and losing 500 calories a day, with no skips allowed. As such, 1 lb bad fat is guaranteed for leaving weekly. Probably, you expect more, but it is critical to avoid any extremities under obesity while at a prep stage so that your health (and skin) is kept undamaged.

You can follow this 500-calorie prep for 3-4 weeks. All through this period, eat oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and pastas, brown rice, fish, lean beef, egg whites, fat-free cheese and yoghurt and whatever fruit and vegetables. The secret is in portions: make for a serving twice as small as your ordinary one.

After these prep weeks have passed successfully, move on to a 1,200 calorie diet – you are fully prepared now to lose weight obesity ultimately.


Adequate support

Probably, there is no need to say that dieters are better stimulated when inspired by successful weight-loss stories  of others and can share their major concerns with the sympathetic people. Experienced nutritionists do accentuate the need for adequate support from the surrounding and assign half the progress to this very help, which is step-one called “motivation”. Statistical figures demonstrate impressive obese weight loss results with those actively supported by their families and communities, as well as weight loss coaches and dieticians.

Why is it particularly working with the obese? Because these are a specially sensitive group often subject to deep depressions and nervous breakdowns aggravated by their seemingly unresolvable problems.

The expert advice to those combating obesity is to get open to the public and talk the trouble. Heavy people erroneously think they should pretend as if nothing happens, and they are happy as they are. Meanwhile, the problems get piled, and finally the opportunity – both physical and mental – can be missed irrevocably.

Fortunately, weight-loss support can be easily found today in the form of support groups, blogs, slimdown-oriented websites and a lot more stuff based online and hosted by brick-and-mortar gyms or weight loss centers. Select by interest, age or whatever and join the communities for competent help.

obese weight loss

As you can judge from the above, to lose weight obese is very well feasible unless you just sit still and do nothing. However, you should probably get prepared that you may anyway need some post-slimdown surgery , to remove the stretched skin resulting from the too extreme weight loss. Still, this is only one of the scenarios, as the evidence shows that those losing weight ultimately often do without any surgical corrections.



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