Medical weight loss: good or bad?

medical weight loss

When you hear of medical weight loss, what normally comes to your mind is weight-loss surgery  and pills. The former is usually the choice for neglected cases, when nothing else makes sense, and often has many precautions thus limiting the list of eligible patients. Whereas, pills and supplements are a more adequate solution for most people as to be easier to use. Besides, it has fewer contraindications – at least, many of us think so. But is it true?


Watch out for weight-loss medications

Driven by the compulsion of most people on the planet to shrink in size as much as possible, in order to fit all those much-talked-of ideal body calculations, the pharmacy segment worldwide benefits well from the opportunity to create more and more intricate slimdown medications shaped as tablets, capsules, powders, solutions and whatever else one can imagine. However, fat burner pills can very quickly become body burner ones.

For you to know, the least harmful weight-loss medicines are based on diuretics and purgatives, while the most threatening ones contain strong drugs, which effect is far from being positive and even neutral. Given this, the follow-up can be very sad like body or even mental disorders. Meanwhile, it is all logical, because every single slimming-oriented pill drives through your inner body and this way affects your every single cell. Looking for a healthy effect? You won`t find any. Unfortunately, the global pharmacy know the problem of the killing medical weight loss, however, it is not for their good to prevent it.


Well-known overweight medications and their effect

A very popular overweight confrontation pill is Liponox reported by its manufacturers to help reduce weight in next to no time. Meanwhile, the substance formula contains several stimulants (including the caffeine ones), which are harmful for health, especially in big amounts and under regular terms. According to those who have tested it already, Liponox drives the metabolism, which really matters much for beating overweight. But it is the stimulants that fulfill this function, and so it happens in an unnatural way. So, there arises a kind of vicious cycle: we lose pounds and health at a time. Still, we should do justice to the Liponox manufacturers who recommend smart dieting and basic workouts alongside the pill taking.

Those who sought to lose weight medically often opted for yet another popular slenderizing medication – Hydroxycut. However, it is rather sadly popular: a couple of years ago it was banned in USA because of ephedra, which is notorious to kill the liver. Following poor government regulation, these pills resulted in several serious liver disorders and one lethal case, after which the substance was prohibited for use and manufacturing. Although, the bad is that some people still look for this medication to drop in size: no rational arguments are in a position to hold them from their obsessive weight loss efforts.


Ways to pass over medicine

Unfortunately for those to be too enthusiastic about weight-loss medications, experts insist that diet pills, in effect, have nothing in common with diets themselves, and healthy living, with the resulting healthy slimming, is impossible under such medical loss of weight. Moreover, any slenderizing stimulants are expensive, and they are unlikely to be a good value for money.

Instead, dieters are recommended to try something less radical and not jeopardizing their lives – like yoga, or acupuncture, or herbal treatment, or shiatsu massage, to name a few. Actually, the focus towards oriental practices will always make you feel safe, as these are not only oriented to sound weight loss, but also aim to strengthen your overall body potential.

In fact, you can get slimmer and keep healthy at home by following these simple rules:

  • Drink nearly a gallon of water daily – to wash bad fats out of your body;
  • Cook fresh veggie drinks from cabbage, carrots or beetroot;
  • Eat frequently but in small servings – use small plates to fool your eyes and stomach;
  • Enrich your daily menu with salads and greenery like cabbage, fennel, parsley, spinach, carrots or cucumbers;
  • Stop eating 2 hours before sleep – it should not necessarily be by 6 p.m., but just a couple of hours before going to bed is enough;
  • Go beyond sugars – which means any sugars, including honey and sweet fruit (both are allowed, but in scanty supplies and not at all before sleep);
  • Stop living a sedentary life and start doing basic exercises, together with regular swimming, jogging and walking instead of car travels.

medical weight loss

Should you determine yourself towards using the medical weight loss products, consult your doctor first – probably, there is something out of an extensive medication list to be adequate for you to combine with your healthy diet and workouts. But it is only your doctor who can prescribe it: remember that any self-medication is potentially lethal.


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