Liquid diet to watch your weight

liquid diet

Liquid dieting is very popular as a type of extreme weight loss, and no wonder: it is a diet chiefly consisting of fluids, together with the soft foodstuff like hard candies or the like melting at room temperature. Does it really help to lose a pound, or even two, or, maybe, ten pounds? Yes, it does, due to very few calories and almost no fats. However, one should distinguish between different types of fluid-based nutrition and know how to follow them right.


Nothing but fluids

A clear liquid diet is the nutrition consisting of solely the liquids one can see through. The fluids on this diet must be clear, with no flesh and pulp. They can tolerate coloring and even sweetness and light saltiness, but they cannot be fine with any sort of cream, or scum, or precipitate. Together with traditional water, you can eat (or drink) the below:

  • Clear-body juices: apple, pineapple, cherry, cranberry, grape etc.;
  • Broths (made of veggies and fat-free meats);
  • Soft drinks and lemonades;
  • Tea and coffee (no scums and cream-free);
  • Hard candies (not biting but sucking on) and popsicles;
  • Clear sports beverages.


Allow yourself something thicker

A full liquid diet allows your liquids to be thick and not transparent. Actually, such dieting is often practiced after clear liquids, when the body is not fully prepared for starting any solid foodstuff. In addition to the above, treat yourself to the following:

  • Cream, milk and milk-based foods, including milkshakes;
  • Creamy cereals (preferably rice or wheat);
  • Cream soups with blended veggies and fat-free meats;
  • Gravies;
  • Jellies and honey;
  • Yoghurts and puddings;
  • Sorbets, toppings and ice-cream.


Meal samples

As an example of your dieting with clear fluids, you can come up with the following per meal:

  • A cup of tea, a glass of water and a bowl of beef broth;
  • A bowl of chicken broth, a glass of lemonade and a popsicle.

To illustrate some out of numerous diet options with full fluids, we can suggest this menu per meal:

  • A glass of milk, a creamed tomato soup, a tea-bowl of jelly;
  • A bowl of rice with milk and topping, an ice-cream.

The liquid diet recipes look a true lackluster, but you have to cheer yourself with the thought that it is worth the candle, as you not just detoxify your body, but also lose the annoying inches off your buttocks. Moreover, it is an interim period of your life, and it is too short to regret.

liquid diet

Any liquid diet plan can only be followed during a few days (usually not exceeding five), or else you run a danger to exhaust your body. If you have any diseases that make you hesitate, check with your doctor first. In case of no contraindications, you can freely practice this dieting as an excellent tool to purify your intestines and thus cut your body by some pounds through removing the toxic deposits. In the blink of an eye, you will join those sharing successful weight loss stories.

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