Increase metabolism and shrink in size

increase metabolism

Boosting your internal processes contributes greatly to your body losing extra weight, if any. You get rid of bad fats and accumulate the healthy ones. Your cholesterol gets equalized and your blood sugar finds itself well-balanced. The ways to increase metabolism are different, and you can either choose the one most fitting or benefit from their smart combination.


Make it hot

Probably, all of you have some spices in the kitchen. But what if someone tells you that spices can cut you down? You will have to take it for granted, as they really do. For example, so popular cayenne (or chili) peppers not only make your heart as strong as a hundred-year-old poplar, but also set your metabolism in motion.

So, why does the chili pepper belong so confidently to the foods that increase metabolism?

  • It killes your cravings, including those for the so-adored chocks and sweeties. This is because chili keeps your blood sugar from going up.
  • It accelerates the bowel motility and thus removes the long-accumulated toxins as well as kills bad germs inside you.

Naturally, you cannot eat handfuls of peppers: what you need is add some powdered cayenne to your every-day meals or eat it au naturel – one per day – provided that you are not afraid of tasting a 40.000 SCU hot one (probably, stock up on sufficient water or milk in advance).

One more curious fact about the cayenne is its being a “happy hormone” generator: containing serotonin believed to be in charge of people`s happiness, it becomes by default a tremendously useful ingredient for those on a diet, as adding a wee bit of this pepper you paradoxically get satisfaction whatever restricted your diet menu.


Get down to HIIT

Wondering how to increase metabolism, think of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, which is widely known for its being quick but very effective. You actually do the same exercises, but in a much faster pace and tolerating no breaks. You should be ready that this is largely hardscrabble, still your target – to make your bowels move faster – will be hit.

A customary TIIT encompasses four to five exercises, including pushups, crunches and squats, which are done in three to four sets with no breaks. This means you have no time to rest, but your training lasts 20 minutes as most.

The objective is to burn as much unnecessary fat as possible within a short time, and TIITs are scientifically proved to do it better than anything else. It is because they drive the metabolism very actively within the 24 hours after the workout, with the growth hormone accelerating the fat loss to increase to 450%.

Since this type of workout is wordly popular today, you can find various TIIT samples on video hostings and elsewhere.

increase metabolism

So, if you are looking for the answer to the question of how to increase your metabolism fast and safe, the solution is eat a chili pepper every day and practice high-intensity workouts. This way, you will both burn your fats and train your muscles, which cannot but make you look eye-catching.

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