Hypnosis for weight loss: slim unlabored

hypnosis for weight loss


When nothing else is likely to help and surgery seems to be the only way out, some dieters opt to try hypnosis for weight loss. It is your perverted perception that prevents you from making the right choice and thus keeps you being obese – so hypnotherapy experts say. As the perception gets influenced by the hypnotic techniques, it undergoes severe slimdown-oriented transformations. Let us see if these transformations do work, and do not threaten our safety.


Why some beware of hypnotic effects

Hypnotherapy is often treated cautiously by quite a few. People are afraid to get under someone`s control and find out that they have unveiled skeletons in their cupboards. Some have fears that they will be manipulated into doing or believing in something horrible. Others watch out for their memory to be erased.

Since a human mind is still a dark horse, it is no wonder that some people doubt the innocence of hypnotherapy. Although hypnosis for weight loss keeps you fully conscious. All through the session, you are mentally alert, and you never fall asleep, even though fully relaxed by your hypnotherapist. As such, any hypnotic session aimed to make you thin is never dangerous.


How hypnosis cuts your pounds

A hypnotic expert uses visualization to get deep into the roots of your overweight. At the initial stage, the following questions, among other, get answered:

  • Do you overeat and why?
  • Do you have slimdown motivation? If yes, then is it right? If no, then why?
  • Do you control your diet quality?
  • Do you accept that your lifestyle is health-unfriendly?
  • Are you afraid of doing something to start shedding pounds?
  • What was your childhood and how well were you treated?

Once the questions are answered for your doctor, he starts working over your new image – of a health-oriented individual who makes much of the eating culture and who has clear understanding of how to be slim and nice-looking. This is all done through a set of special-purpose tools like making you imagine how you will look and feel when you are plump no more, and, as opposed, making you see how you ruin the entire effect once you eat or do something wrong (like, say, stop exercising).

The visualizations of the kind are reported to be tremendously strong tools to beat your weight-loss failures and transform your perverted perception. As such, you start behaving like you have never behaved before.


Hypnotic session results

Hypnosis for losing weight normally brings the following results:

  • Healthy food is no lackluster any more;
  • Food rich in bad fats and sugars ceases to be a lure;
  • Food quantities reduce unconsciously;
  • Your body becomes your friend, no foe;
  • Exercises are felt to be essential, and you feel uncomfortable without them;
  • Regular meals come back to your life again (instead of starving diets), but rather get well-balanced.

A bright example of a fully successful hypnotic session focused on weight loss is a 35-year-old Julie E. reported by CNN to eventually lose 150 pounds. This happened as she believed her stomach shrank in size, and so she started eating less.

Her hypnotherapist took her through the visualization of a typical gastric bypass surgery, which cuts the stomach size and so limits your physical abilities for food consumption thus holding your appetite modest. The difference was that the hypnosis session was all simulation rather than real-life medical procedure. Nonetheless, Julie made believe she was undergoing every single surgery stage – from the initial doctor`s consultation to the bypass procedure itself.

As a result, the woman started eating less the next day after the first weight loss hypnosis session. Besides, she longed for solely healthy foods  like veggies, which was kind of astonishment – for her and her family who, by the way, were also inspired by their mom`s example and gradually turned to healthy living as well.

After Julie became 100 pounds lighter, the weight loss slowed down, and she started exercises, which was not that easy first, as having no previous experience. Yet, the hypnosis made Julie believe she needed it utterly. Overall, she lost 150 pounds in two years, and it is definitely one of those compelling weight-loss stories worthy of respect.

hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis for weight loss is told to help patients shed pounds if only combined wisely with healthy dieting and training. Yet another critical aspect mentioned by experts is sound motivation: unless a dieter is self-motivated, no hypnotherapy is effective. If patients cannot provide for enough stimulation alone, they are recommended professional counseling.

Unfortunately, with all the above missing, hypnoses are believed to only half-work. This in mind, opt for a trio: hypnotherapist, nutritionist and fitness instructor, and benefit from the combination of good habits to be raised in you by the three of them.

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