How to lose weight in truth: I lost 70lbs (32kg) only in 2 months


I’m Maggie, 28 years old

down 70lbs (32kg) (from 191lb to 121lb)

I was always full figured. My relatives said, “Such a genetic in our family”, “You have nothing to do”. I had to accept not only this fixture in life but also humiliations of peers and continuous feeling that I’m different. The reproaches that boys focused on my figure whatever dispute arose within the school walls were especially offensive.

I have never got along with the sports but I went in for choreography in school-time. I was the only gross girl in the group. Imagine how it is humiliating to know that they decided to make high-necked dress for the performance only because of you?!

I have tested several mono diets but they lasted a cold minute. I lost some weight and gained again. It was continuing until I entered the University. The study left no time to take care of myself and my weight became growing.

My knees and low back pain me because of my big weight. I was aware that stretch marks on my belly are the most repulsive things. By the way, my horrible potbelly was the number one problem. It was the worst part. The love lives of my mates were in full swing while mine didn’t shape up. Make relations with guys? It seemed unattainable to me.

Later I got married after all. It seemed that I got what I dreamt about. But the point that my husband will leave me finding someone slim tortured me all the time. Perhaps the awareness that I’m a young and pretty girl wearing myself out in such hateful body gave me abdabs and became my shocking therapy.

My way to the weight loss

I remember as it was today. May 16, 2017. I stayed in front of the mirror and cried. I felt nasty to myself. I understood I can’t live like this and need to change something. At that moment my weight was 191lb (87kg).

Surfing the Internet I suddenly found a girl, mother of two children who made a new look by means of proper food and exercise at home. I thought surely I can do the same. I read her story and was inspired. I got moved. Nobody believed in me except my husband. Many people told that I would never be able to keep up. This annoyed me too much. But these doubts in my will power became the basic motivational drive for me.

The key success factor of that girl was an advice of Alex Davis.

I’ve decided to register a profile on the website of Alex where I described my main problems. In a while, he replied to me.

After the detailed talk, Alex determined my own formula of success. My goal was not only to reduce weight by 5-10 pounds but to get rid of the excess fat in the shortest period of time.

In the beginning, I didn’t believe that according to Alex method such simple things I should follow to, at first sight, can change something. But it worked as you may see!

Now I’ll tell in details what I have changed in my life to achieve such wonderful result:

The first and key requirement was to remove toxins from the body because the toxins cause a headache, skin diseases, fatigue and insomnia, neurological disorders.

The gathered toxins tend to lead to obesity. I have never thought about it but now I know how it is right. Before I was exhausted and couldn’t do the simplest actions that could help me to lose weight. I drowsed and sleep badly.

The body theoretically controls purification processes. Before the development of civilization, the human body was up to this task. But now we are surrounded by chemical substances: polluted air, washing and cleaning agents, colorants, and preservatives.

When the body operates in the standard mode lymph collects toxins. The lymph circulates throughout the body and is able to withdraw unnecessary fluids by means of organs that are responsible to do this. But these organs are not able to deal with the abundance of chemicals.

Alex advised all girls who he helped to reduce excessive pounds to use a specially developed supplement for toxins removal . I’ll tell you where to buy it below. Surely you may use home-made supplements. But when I read many articles on the Internet I decided that I need the fast result. Moreover, there was a proposal on the website and the first trial order was free.

The result was not long in coming! Taking the supplement I felt the appearing strengths for daily walks. I walked several hours every day. From day to day I feel like walking more and more. Besides the supplement includes substances that block hunger signals from the brain. Constant desire to eat something stopped torturing me. In a while, I managed to control calorie number intake.

Alex wrote a routine food menu that I had to follow. I will not write it here because I think it is individual for each person and the internet has enough already. But I add that you should try to eat more healthy food and less harmful products.

In a month of daily walks, I felt a desire to run and I added jogging. I was reducing the excessive kilos every day and a feeling of beauty and featheriness came to me. During the first month, I lost about 26 pounds. But it was just a beginning.

I continue to take it because I was afraid of a wild appetite awakening while I had a desire to say goodbye to the fat.

The second month I changed nothing. I had a feeling of featheriness and it seemed that each move burned my pounds. I started enjoying food that before I can’t even look at when I saw them in a store. I diffused positive energy. People around me smiled. And now my husband started worrying because I was becoming a pretty woman and men start to pay me attention. I was even promoted to the post.

In the end of the second month, my weight was about 130 pounds. My lifestyle has changed completely and I haven’t even realized how fast it was.

As you see it turned to be very easy in my case.

In conclusion: As soon as I started removing toxins from my body I felt strengths for sport and healthy food.

I hope my story will give you a start.

Try and you are sure to succeed. If you have any questions please ask in comments. I want to help all of you!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention)). Here is an official website for the toxin removing supplement

Thanks to all of you who read till the end of the story.

You may create your profile here and all together we will help each of us!

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