How can I lose weight? Secrets of smart eating

how can i lose weight

A clean-limbed body is relevant not just because most fashion clothes are small to medium size, but also for the reason that redundant pounds can cause many grave illnesses. To escape hypertension and diabetes, watch your body to release from unnecessary weight on a regular basis. To be more precise, make sure that the energy absorbed with food is used by the body in full, or else its unused portion is transformed into bad fats. To avoid this killing transformation, learn how to make the energy work for you, not you for the energy.


Energy value: follow the food pyramid

The energy absorbed with the meals we eat is the calories themselves. Many dieters and exercise practitioners erroneously think their overweight is all about calories, and so they try to fully exhaust them. Their “How fast can I lose weight?” seems to get the answer “As soon as you get rid of any and all calories inside you”. Meanwhile, calorie-rich nutrition is vital for losing weight. Calories nourish our living. That is why, the widely known answer to “How can I lose weight fast?” being “Get down to a critically low-calorie diet” is nonsense.

Your everyday ration should be filled with useful, not empty calories and supplemented with the appropriate vitamins for weight loss. A well-balanced diet claimed to reduce you by ten pounds plus is brilliantly demonstrated by the so-called “food pyramid” where you can see the products, which you need to consume most often (at the bottom) and which are to be minimized (at the top).


The takeaway is that each product group is vital for our living, and so you may not restrict this or that ingredient chasing the so much challenging question like “How much weight can I lose?” unless you wish to end up badly unhealthy. Follow the quantity of servings marked on the picture above, to make your energy transform evenly.


Regular meals make you thinner

What dieticians propagate is split meals. As such, their patients asking “How can I lose weight quickly?” are usually recommended to eat 5-6 times a day with regular intervals in between (normally 2-3 hours). The more frequently you eat, the thicker you become does not work here. How so?

As a matter of fact, our bodies are much smarter than we can suspect them to be. Same as kids, they get accustomed to certain behavioral practices and eagerly follow the traditions we work out for them. As such, your eating regularly makes your body get used to the idea that it receives the sought-after energy on a regular basis, and so there is no need to accumulate it against a rainy day. Thus, no fatty deposits in excess.

In addition to split meals, stick to the following:

  • Breakfast no later than an hour after sleep;
  • Dinner no later than two hours before sleep.

And, of course, don`t forget about water, which regular drinking stimulates your overweight to leave.

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