Herbal weight loss pills: helpful or not?

herbal weight loss pills

Out of all the existing ways to lose weight, herbal weight loss pills are some of the most deceitful. Because herbs are traditionally thought healthy, we seldom suspect them of any harm to be caused to our wellbeing. Though, the truth is that herbal pills stimulating the loss of weight are almost never herbs alone being primarily medication, or simply chemicals. Besides, herbs are not always about health and benefit: quite a few do intoxicate, especially as overdosed. Find below if it is true about all herbal pills for slimming.



Ephedra, or ma huang, is a herb that contains ephedrine, a stimulant. Among the herbal pills for weight loss, ephedra is probably one of the most popular – also because of the lethal cases it caused following the incompetent use. Acknowledged drug-dependent, this herb is strictly discouraged against, unless under close doctor`s supervision. Among the side effects potentially triggered by ephedra-based medications are heart attacks, strokes, psychosis and arrhythmia. If you are anyway determined about using ephedra for slimming, opt for natural and especially handmade ephedra teas from China – these don`t do bad provided that taken moderately.


Guar gum

Guar gum is yet another popular herbal medication used globally to reduce body fats. Owing to its natural fiber, Guar gum included in foods as ingredient helps you feel satiated for longer thus cutting your cravings; detoxifies the body this way driving your metabolism; slows down the absorption of fast carbs and decreases bad cholesterol. This type of herbal weight loss pills was tested by researchers worldwide as an independent remedy, still no extraordinary slimdown effect was ever proved. Instead, it may provoke flatulency and diarrhea if overdosed. This in mind, Guar gum is advised to be taken as part of foods rather than a single weight-loss medication.


Green coffee

The green coffee extract is likely to accelerate the loss of weight slightly, however competent medical evidence is rather poor to make for more reliable conclusions. If taken as a herbal weight loss pill, the green coffee extract is considered a moderate fat burner due to its active component – chlorogenic acid focused on the body satiation and detox, which means the fats will be accumulating much slower and melting faster.


Bitter orange

Widely used in the Chinese medicine, bitter orange today is still not proved medically to take the weight down. In the meantime, its active component synephrine – very close to the above ephedrine claimed unhealthy – can serve a hypertensor. Be particularly careful when taking any other herbs or medications speeding up the heart rate – the bitter orange based substances are very tricky in cooperating with such products and can really do bad by triggering heart diseases and even death.

herbal weight loss pills

What you definitely need to remember about herbal weight loss pills is that they are typically used as supplements to the core overweight treatment but not as standalone medications. Given that most experts agree on their hazards largely taking over the benefits, you are strongly recommended to check with professionals before including any herbal pills in your weight-loss plan.


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