Why you can change size with HCG weight loss

hcg weight loss

What is HCG? It is the medication, which drives the metabolism , decreases the appetite and releases mildly bad fats from the troublesome belly, waist, thigh and upper arm areas. It seems like everything sounds good about it, but for the only word – which is “medication”: can a drug be that healthy, and does hcg weight loss really work?


HCG and its slimdown potential

The major effect from taking HCG mentioned by most dieters is considerable cutting down on cravings: you get early satiety, which prevents from overeating; and very soon you fall into a habit of eating humble to little eventually turning on the “eating for living” mode. Therefore, to lose weight hcg becomes a feasible task.

The HCG medication, in the form of drops and injections, was made by a competent endocrinologist Dr. Simeons who found out how to make the fats deposited in excess work in favor of the body rather than against it. He discovered that HCG can work it out, as supported by a very low calorie diet.

In nature, HCG is the hormone produced by the female body during pregnancy and pursuing to accumulate fats and nutrients for the new baby. The hormone is believed to give an impetus to the nervous system and retarget the body to use its backup stock as deposited in the body parts like thighs or belly. Thus, the body starts “eating” ravenously the abundant fats instead of useful nutrients.

The plan itself was subject to severe criticism as a too restricted one, since the daily calorie intake was to be under the standard minimum of 1200 calories  per human a day. However, Dr. Simeons proved that HCG helps neutralizing the major problem caused by too low calories – which is low metabolism. The hormone evens the inner balance and keeps the metabolic rate stable.


Why pregnant HCG-carrier women don`t slim

It is very reasonable to get curious why most women after pregnancy need to slim down if they are natural HCG hormone generators and, as such, are expected to lose weight by default. The answer is a no-brainer: the majority of moms to be don`t stick to a specific diet that actually brings the so-much awaited hcg weight loss effect.

The medication alone – whether drops or injections – cannot make you shrink in size unless you are an obedient dieter following Dr. Simeons` diet protocol. It is the very point to support the drug taking with a low-calorie diet specially designed by the doctor to cut as much as 1 lb a day. Moreover, negligent interference with the human hormonal system can play a bad trick and provoke malignant tumors, which risks can be diminished by a strictly dosed drug intake and wise dieting.


HCG diet

Nutritionists say that HCG drops and injections accompanied by a diet inevitably stimulate the weight loss. Get ready that the diet is really strict, and your daily calorie intake should not exceed 800 calories, with the ideal one to be 500 calories. Your hcg weight loss ration is principally proteins, carbs, veggies and fruit. No starches, no sugars, no fats.

The diet sample is as follows:

  • Breakfast: A cup of unsweetened tea (better green tea ) or sugar-free coffee; you may add a spoon of fat-free milk.
  • Lunch: A tea-bowl of lean meat or fish or seafood, a slice of crude-flour bread and a handful of veggies or greenery.
  • Dinner: A veggie salad sprinkled with lemon (no starchy veggies) and one orange or apple (better not sweet).

Strictly avoid hard cheese, oils and butter. Drink no less than 2 gal water a day, in small portions and equal intervals.

Make sure you stick to the diet for at least 20 days; meanwhile, don`t make it over 40 days. As you are done with it, get through a 3-week maintenance phase where you are to be keeping the achieved result. After that, get back to your routine nutrition gradually increasing the daily calorie intake to the standard 1200 calories. The drops or injections may not be used for more than 40 days at a time. In case you need to shed more, start over again after a while, but better following a doctor`s consultation.

hcg weight loss

Remember that to lose weight with hcg you need a special-purpose diet followed on a daily basis. No matter your weight and goals, there are no alternatives other than eating right along with HCG taking. Note you are most likely to start gaining extra pounds mid your slimdown plan, and it is especially important to keep on dieting well at this step. Should you break away, your potential effect will be zeroed, with even more weight put on. But if you sweat it out, your scale can show an impressive result. Anyhow, you are recommended to check with your doctor prior to starting HCG.


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