Guaranteed weight loss with no exercise: try these top fruits

guaranteed weight loss

Nutritionists recommend eating 15 oz fruit and vegetables daily, as split into equal portions day-through, for guaranteed weight loss. If consider that a mid-size apple qualifies for one portion, you can easily reach the daily target and get thinner with not lifting a finger. To gear up the process, find below the best fat-burning fruits that are sure to take your weight down.



Being rich in as little as 50 calories at the most, apples are excellent overweight fighters. Having totally no fats, this fruit is fully harmless for your body shape unless overdone. Eating apple salads and drinking fresh apple juices on a regular basis makes your weight loss come true within a couple of months.



Watermelons are excellent boosters for guaranteed weight loss because they are almost all about water – 90 %. One watermelon portion (3 oz) contains only 30 calories, and owing to its arginine density, this fruit forces your pounds to escape your body (arginine is known to be a remarkable fat burner advised globally by nutritionists as part of many diet plans). And what about such a horrible cosmetic problem as cellulite? Couches and dieticians claim you can forget it with watermelons. Cellulite being triggered by regular dehydration (rather than fats, as most of us used to think erroneously), your body is fully protected by a strong watermelon hydration effect. As such, you are killing the two birds with one stone.



Pears are an excellent fiber source driving your digestion and thus speeding up your metabolic rate indispensable for your weight to go down. Despite that your metabolism gets enhanced, you still keep full for much longer owing to enough fiber inside you. With a pear or two per day, you have your weight loss guaranteed, also partially through taking down your bad cholesterol, which is known to play one of the leading parts in bad fat formation.



Guavas are yet another channel to bring in the vital fiber. As such, you can interchange pears and guavas to get satiated with enough of this substance. Due to its low glycemic index, even those suffering from diabetes can use it successfully and lose weight. Mix guavas with apples in fruit salads to accelerate your slimming.


Citrus fruit

The fruits like lemons, grapefruit and oranges are sure to bring you the guaranteed loss of weight through their legendary weight-down capacities. One portion (3 oz) containing less than 50 calories, the citrus fruit is by default a huge driver to your metabolism. As an option, you can try a grapefruit diet popular for its quick slimdown effect.


guaranteed weight loss

Adding the above fruits to your everyday dietary table will do good for your overall slimdown process. Either mix them in salads or make each a standalone snack, it will anyway make for guaranteed weight loss due to the body-friendly components they contain. What you should always remember is accurate calculation of portions : since these fruits mostly contain sugars in abundance, the portioning must be followed right.


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