Green tea and weight loss

green tea and weight loss

Even though green tea is known as a powerful immune stimulant, this does not necessarily mean it is as good for losing weight. There are many speculations upon whether this legendary drink is effective or, quite the opposite, damaging to the body in- and outside. We will try to find out if the green tea is solely positive for our taste receptors or there is something in it that does make us drop in size – and if it does, then whether we should drink it hot or cold.


Why it works out

It is not a secret that weight loss and green tea are often interrelated today. There exist many supplements, which core component is the green tea extract, and quite a few dieters claim a true-to-life slimming effect arising out of regular green tee consumption as they compare their green tea weight loss before and after.

And there is much truth in such conjectures, as this drink accelerates metabolism and detoxifies the body, which helps us release the unwanted kilograms naturally. Its light diuretic effect also contributes greatly to natural weight loss, as the tea removes superfluous water from the body. Green tea also levels the blood sugar down, which in its turn decreases the appetite and thus makes you eat less.


Special tea dieting

Since green tea extract and weight loss have been proved to be linked, make for regular hunger days with this beverage. Choose one day a week for either of the following diets:

  • Add 0.3 gallons of green tea to 0.3 gallons of fat-free milk and drink this mixture throughout a day in equal intervals.
  • Take four teaspoons of green tea and pour them with 0.4 gallons of hot milk; steep the mixture for 20 minutes and drink it throughout a day.

Note you should drink about 0.5 gallons of water daily in addition to your tea dieting. This will save your body from dehydration and stimulate the toxin removal.

On ordinary days, drink four to six daily cups of unsugared green tea. During your hunger days, increase the consumption by several times. Your diet drinking requires equal breaks between each cup, as this brings a better slimming effect. Dieticians recommend drinking it cold, for your body to lose extra calories to get the drink warmed inside you.


How to enhance a positive effect

To escape harming your health, follow a couple of simple rules:

  • Avoid drinking green tea on empty stomach. It irritates the gastric mucosa, and your stomach starts digesting itself. Quite the opposite, a cup of this tea taken after a meal will stimulate your digestion.
  • Don`t drink green tea if you suffer from ulcer, as it increases the stomach acidity.
  • Strictly avoid mixing green tea and alcoholic beverages, as this adversely affects your kidneys, which fact has been proved scientifically.

green tea and weight loss

The green tea and weight loss research demonstrates a high potential of this traditional Asian drink for decreasing overweight naturally with no harm for health. If follow closely the above instructions, you will not only get a chance to lose extra kilograms, but also improve your wellbeing immensely.

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