Grapefruit diet: is it a panacea for overweight?

grapefruit diet

A strong cholesterol destroyer, grapefruit serves a natural normalizer to your intestines removing bad fats. But is it enough for losing the so unwanted extra inches over your waistline? Numerous grapefruit diet reviews evidence it to be a true fat burner, others are less optimistic. Let`s have little insight into the magic weight-loss qualities of this citrus.


Your individual grapefruit dieting

A traditional 10-day grapefruit diet plan is promised to cut you by the incredible seven to fifteen pounds. However, if you expect to eat solely grapefruit, you will get confused, since purely grapefruit nutrition has proved its inefficiency in terms of slimming down. Thus, to pursue the idea of curving your shapes, make sure you do the following for your grapefruit diet menu to look like this:

  • Enrich your ration with sufficient proteins, as well as good fats and healthy cholesterol – eat low-fat pork, egg whites, fat-free fish and tend to red meat;
  • Turn back on salt and all sorts of spices (except red pepper, which is believed an excellent citrus slimming catalyst);
  • Exclude white onions and celery, as they get along with grapefruit poorly;
  • Minimize sugars, which includes honey and sweet fruit as well; don`t remove them in full, but make them rare on your table;
  • Be careful with carbohydrates – though usually recommended to dieters, they are however unwanted pals to your grapefruit dieting; make them scanty and fully exclude potatoes, white rice and any sort of pasta;
  • Your daily watering norm should be eight glasses drunk in equal intervals, plus a couple of unsugared green tea cups.


Eat mouthful grapefruit every time you have a meal or right after finishing. The same is about a grapefruit juice diet: you just need to replace the very fruit with its juice. Remember this should be fresh juice only, not tinned or packed – only natural and unprocessed fruit can bring in the sought-after components to stimulate your body shrink.

This diet plan is so much loved by many dieters, since it is very flexible and needs no bigotry, as with many other overweight-combating diets. Follow a food pyramid to see which products are interchangeable according to the above instructions and make for your own, individualized menu.

Strongly avoid eating grapefruit alone, as it is devastating for your organism owing to a big C-vitamin concentration. Those suffering from any stomach disorders, especially ulcer and gastritis, are critically discouraged from any diets somewhat related to regular citrus consumption.

grapefruit diet

The bottomline is so that grapefruit is neither a fat booster nor a fat burner. This citrus has no such specific capabilities that would make it a weight-drop wizard in its pure form. Meanwhile, dieters having no allergies and special preferences can freely add this fruit or its juice to their daily meals focused on cutting body inches. If strengthened by adequate physical exercises – like sprinting, or long walks, or even yoga, – your grapefruit sprinklings can surprise you and your close mates very soon.

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