Free weight loss programs: download them to your gadget

free weight loss programs

Sometimes, weight loss can be expensive. Not everyone can afford using a personal trainer or buying costly weight-loss programs, let alone pricey surgeries  and medications . However, there is no need to keep to solely walking or jogging, as here comes a good news: you can get free weight loss programs – either look for trial workout sessions or follow charge-free videos on YouTube. Or you can simply download the specially designed slimdown applications to your tablet or smartphone and trace your positive weight loss performance.



This is actually one of the simplest and most convenient free weight loss programs for calorie calculation (both eating and training). With already more than five million foods in the database, this calorie counter is still updated for more recipes on a daily basis. Keeping food journals is a piece of cake with MyFitnessPal. Talking of cakes, you can download lots of recipes from everywhere and keep your own healthy cookbook , which is easily adjusted for your weight-loss needs then and there. You can also fix your favorite meals, and it will automatically count your calories.

A valuable option provided by this application is individual goal-setting based on your sex, age, activity level, dietary recommendations and other aspects. You target the performance with a convenient set of tools and gradually achieve it receiving regular progress reports. On top, you are continuously reported by the system on your weight changes and nutrient intake, and in case of unsatisfactory figures, you are alerted and suggested the actions for figure improvement.

The application can scan the meals you eat for proteins, fiber, fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugars, gluten etc. and advise you on this or that product and its serving size. The memory function makes it possible to remember your individual most healthy and slimdown-oriented foods and their portioning.

Your workout sessions are definitely to be fully-fledged with the app`s capability to memorize over 350 exercises and provide for smart training combinations based on your daily calorie intake, as well as your height and ideal weight . It keeps your workouts on record in detail: sets, pace, energy consumed etc.

An undeniable advantage of today`s free programs for weight loss is their synchronization with social networks. Given this, you can coordinate your MyFitnessPal progress with Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts. This will give you more outside support and acknowledgement of your achievements.



An excellent activity tracker with a smart-scale tool and heart rate control option. This free app helps you trace your inches off and manage your weight through improving your sleep  and refining your diet menu.

You can track your daily weight-loss goals and monitor your everyday activities by calculating your steps, burned calories, distance reached and other essential workout performance. GPS helps you trace your running and walking, which results you can fix in the special notes to keep up with your progress.

The Food option is an excellent way to control your every-day calorie intake  : enter all your meals carefully and get accurate calculations for your calories taken in. Receive an alarm when something goes wrong.

As the one belonging to the cutting-edge weight loss programs for free, Fitbit caters for a variety of sports from traditional morning jog to HIITs . It is you who decides today on what to choose, and this way you can work out a weeklong training program bringing together several activities in one. The more diverse the training sessions, the better your resulting shape.

The app developers have taken it even a step further: you can make challenges with your friends and sports companions competing with your daily, weekly or monthly slimdown results. Create pal groups and share your performance. The app makes it easy to fix the statistics and provide for benchmarking afterwards.


You can also download to your gadget such smart programs as Pacer Health – to calculate your steps non-stop, Lose It! – to create your custom weight-loss plan, Map My Fitness – to GPS-track the distance and calorie burn, Runtastic – to support professionally your run, fitness or cardio, and many more. As an alternative, you can use all of them together benefiting from the cute slimming functions each definitely brings along.

free weight loss programs

Those who seek can really find lots of free weight loss programs, or you can always follow our website for regular updates and get guided by our valuable healthy slimming tips  we provide in every post, and this is all 100% free. There probably exists a pro with paid-for weight loss plans: once you pay for it, you feel like you cannot give your trainings up that easy, like you used to do with your gratis. Still, if you are not that sort, free programs will be quite the thing.


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