Extreme weight loss for the extremely obese

extreme weight loss

Those plump can make use of balanced meals and light jogging in the morning and see a positive change soon. But what about the obese? Not those charmingly pudgy, but the ones extremely obese? The truth is that these people often give up losing faith as they look in the mirror, and successful sample weight loss stories seem to them a moon in the sky. But will we be thinking of them as of rainbow-chasers if they start fighting fats? Or there really exist the extreme weight loss methods that can change their lives once and for all?


Drastic slimming is all sweat and effort

The thought of dropping in several sizes at a time is ordinary for the especially heavy people. Many of you, probably, dreamt of cutting unnecessary pounds as in a legendary extreme weight loss show by ABC. Indeed, the show contestants seem so incredible, with their ‘before’ and ‘after’ looks. How are they doing that, many of you would burst out? Meanwhile, this is a huge piece of work encompassing special diets, exercises and motivation.

To provide for the extreme makeover weight loss, as in the show series, you should be very attentive to your everyday behavior. And before starting the fight, get motivated: find yourself after a successful makeover and see the positive changes to happen in your life – new career developments, or new hobbies not impossible any more, or whatever else you feel happy about.


Long run tracks, portioned food and hoodia


Since six-pack abs is not your type, as you need to concentrate on extreme fat burning rather than muscle building, make treadmills and cycles your best friends for the time of your transformation. Target as long distances as you can, however start moderately, with regular heartbeat control – this is very important, as your super overweight can cause severe disorders to your cardio-vascular system if unsurveiled.


Your extreme weight loss diet should include carbos, proteins, fibre and good fats. Balance your diet well and prove your meals contain all the weight-loss vitamins critical to your daily nutrition. The secret of you to slim down while eating is small-portioned meals. Follow the food pyramid and eat in small but regular servings. Always remember a proverb “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” and make it your guideline.


Add hoodia pills to your daily ration. Hoodia is a long-known African plant used to be eaten by the local tribes to kill the hunger feeling when on long hunting trips. As such, this is a nature`s trickster to make a fool of your stomach and tell it it`s full while in reality it`s not. Many people proved they did feel full every time they took the pills. However, beware of headaches, which can accompany the consumption too. Consult your doctor first, before starting the course.

extreme weight loss

In your fat fighting, it is important to keep in mind that nothing is Pisgah sight in your life, whatever your weight – provided that you strive for makeover and motivate yourself strongly.

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