Easy weight loss diet

easy weight loss diet

People dream of discovering a unique diet plan to be a panacea for all and sundry overweight cases. Still, by now, there is no single nutrition program that would fit any and all. Instead, we can recommend an easy weight loss diet that would drive up your metabolism and make your body shed pounds slap-bang.



You can choose any of the below dishes to start your easy weight loss diet every day, or you can interchange them depending on the day of a week – make a meal schedule to not get lost.

  • Chopped fresh or dried apricots, handful chopped almonds and ½ cup blueberries seasoned with ricotta cheese; serve alone or with oatmeal or with 2 slices of whole-wheat bread.
  • 2 scrambled eggs roasted with low-fat cheese and topped with turmeric ; serve with a light veggie juice.
  • Soymilk pancakes with honey and fresh strawberries; serve alone or with cereals.
  • A salmon fillet roasted with tomatoes, spinach and sunflower seeds and seasoned with olive oil; serve with a cup of non-fatty yoghurt.
  • Oatmeal with flaxseeds and blueberries; serve with a fruit smoothie.



If you really wish your lunch to fully contribute to a diet for easy weight loss, try to include all of the below foods in your weekly ration.

  • 5 oz chopped turkey baked with a sliced tomato and lettuce; serve with fresh avocado slices and Greek yoghurt.
  • 5 oz chicken breast roasted with blue cheese, celery and ¼ cup dried apricots; serve with fresh cantaloupe slices and a fresh carrot juice.
  • Whole-wheat pasta with grated cheese and 1 oz smoked chicken breast; serve with a light veggie salad.
  • Creamy tomato soup with lentils and flaxseeds, touched with sesame oil and apple cider vinegar ; serve with 2 slices of whole-wheat bread.
  • Shrimps with grilled tomatoes and bell peppers dressed with grated low-fat cheese and basil; serve with a cup of coconut milk.



Never skip your dinner as part of this easy weight loss diet and make sure at least some of the below ingredients appear daily on your evening table.

  • 3 oz grilled tuna with asparagus and arugula; serve with a light veggie juice.
  • ¾ cup mushrooms and a baked potato seasoned with olive or sesame or walnut oil; serve with a grapefruit juice .
  • A small-size salmon steak roasted with broccoli; serve with a glass of fat-free yoghurt.
  • 3 oz brown rice seasoned with coconut milk; serve with a sliced cucumber or avocado.
  • 3 oz grilled tilapia with spinach and mozzarella; serve with a fresh juice or fat-free yoghurt.

easy weight loss diet

Anyway, you should always remember that each diet has particular prescriptions. There is no universal weight-loss plan to fit all 7 billion people living on the planet. Even the above easy diet to lose weight can be not your match, so get focused on what your body feels during and after the diet steps and stop following it once the feeling is negative. Should the feeling be positive, you have a chance to lose all your unwanted pounds hands-down.

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