Slim down with effective diet recipes

diet recipes

To get leaner within a short period, you need not only dynamic exercises, but also balanced nutrition following the specially designed healthy diet recipes. Different diet approaches need different cooking methods. Estimate your nourishment preferences and choose your recipe from the below.


Toxins away

Practicing a widely popular detox diet, treat yourself to the fibre-rich brown rice with chicken and vegetables.

Grill a medium piece of white chicken meat and add it to the previously boiled brown rice. Chop a zucchini and a tomato and flavor them with the homemade cheese sauce (grated cheese blended with water). Make sure your cheese is free of fats, or else take low-fat yoghurt. Add the veggie mixture to the rice with chicken. Serve with raw avocados.

This whole combination of ingredients is an excellent cleanse for your body purifying your cells from bad fats, sugars and superfluous water – and, as such, taking away the waste kilograms. The detox function fully performed through this simply cooked meal, it is enough to eat once a week to reach the desired result.


Useful drinking

If get down to a generally welcomed water diet, follow the experienced water dieters and try one of the easy diet recipes – a lavender and blueberry drink: take half-glass blueberries and handful lavender flowers and add them to a bottle of clean water; freeze the drink for an hour or so; shake before drinking. Make some sips with regular intervals to get the most of it.

Since blueberries are famous for their being true scarers for toxins that poison us from the inside, they are excellently supplemented by lavender, a buoyant skin and stomach soother. In aggregate, this health-friendly beverage enriches you with the so much wanted fat-burning vitamins, as well as takes care of your bones and stabilizes your sugar level and blood pressure.


Thinking raw

Those who tend to raw food diets can try a raw lasagna, which is claimed to be as tasty as a traditional one, but at least half more nutrient-rich.

Mix the following in a bowl: a blended tomato, handful mushrooms marinated in the soy sauce for an hour, a sliced zucchini, a bell pepper and an onion, – and pour them with olive oil and sprinkle with lemon juice. Put the mixture aside to freeze for about ten hours. Once frozen, let it be put in layers on the pan each covered with a thin layer of fat-free cheese, spinach and basil. When finished, place it to a fridge to get further chilled for about 4 hours.

This dish is considered one of the best low fat diet recipes. Completely raw, it will save all the essential substances to keep you fit, while adding no bad fats and even removing the existing ones.


If your purpose is to get back to your previous model look, or just to prevent your potential outsize, pay attention that your kitchen is fully equipped with good diet recipes. A smart combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fibre is what will help you slim down in no time flat.

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