Get slimmer in 3 days with a trailblazing diet plan

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It is definitely unfair that your slim-fit sister binges on candies and chocolates with not even a whit of overweight on her thighs, while you cannot even shoot a glance at that mom`s specialty cherry cake as you feel like you immediately start thickening. Say stop to this horrible inequity and try this 3-day diet deemed the best diet plan by many users.


Why you need to take care of your BMR

It is all about your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which can make you either a vibrant fidget with legs eleven or a sluggish waistless doughnut. Your BMR demonstrates how quickly you burn the calories not necessary for your everyday chores. A fast rate makes you a charming skinny; a slow one turns you into a piece of dough.

Why do many diets end up adding you extra pounds? Because they send you to a hunger mode, and so your body is desperately trying to keep all the calories it can to compensate for the severe starvation to come. The result is your slow BMR. As such, you cannot call either of them a weight loss diet plan. Fortunately, there is a diet to turn your beliefs around.


Afford yourself a dessert

Follow this low calorie diet plan and see the results in 3 days already:

1st Day

  • Wake up and drink a glass of clear water;
  • For breakfast, take sugar-free fruit pancakes and green tea;
  • For lunch, eat a big medium-baked potato with 120 grams of farmer cheese and a light veggie salad;
  • For dinner, take a small chicken breast baked with broccoli and greenery, added with a tint of garlic and poured with sesame oil.

2nd Day

  • Wake up and drink a glass of clear water;
  • For breakfast, cook an omelet (no bacon or sausage!) and drink a cup of green tea;
  • For lunch, bake a salmon fillet adding it with fresh veggies;
  • For dinner, provide for pork curry (150 grams of cubed pork dressed with a teaspoon of curry paste and 100 grams of fat-free yoghurt) and side-dish it with brown rice.

3rd Day

  • Wake up and drink a glass of clear water;
  • For breakfast, eat a fruit yoghurt and drink a cup of green tea;
  • For lunch, cook a medium-size chicken fillet with lettuce (one lettuce leaf topped with chicken meat and a fresh tomato and/or avocado; add a touch of mint for flavor);
  • For dinner, bake a fillet of mackerel with two teaspoons of fat-free yoghurt and five-six lemon squeezes; eat with a slice of toasted whole-meal bread and a light veggie salad.

* You may eat a piece of high-quality dark chocolate as a dessert after every lunch! Make sure the chocolate is really good, or else you risk to ruin the entire diet. Remember no milk chocolate is allowed.

trailblazing diet plan

Mind your portions should be moderate to small. In following this simple but very effective healthy diet plan, you will start feeling better very soon and watch the inches to leave your body slap-bang.

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