Christian weight loss: Eden Diet

christian weight loss

Despite that slimming is physically similar with each and all, christian weight loss is something different in terms of approaches used. One of the programs best demonstrating this type of getting thin is the Eden Diet.


Eden Diet: what is peculiar

Rita M. Hancock, M.D. who made the Eden Diet come true, calls her work a biblical and merciful anti-dieting plan for weight loss . The essence of the program is in the description itself: the Eden Diet is, in fact, no diet but a set of behavioral tools to drive up your slimming in full compliance with religion.

Dr. Rita`s diet turns christian weight loss true-to-life, because it is all about how to eat when people are only physically hungry, but not emotionally. This is based upon the biblical belief that how good you are with the God is critical as opposed to what you eat. “Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink..” so is the New Testament maxim inspiring the doctor for further diet developments.


Keystone of Eden Diet

The principle that underpins the Eden Diet is waiting for hunger to self-discipline. Dieters learn how to differentiate between natural (corporal) and emotional (affective) cravings, which is all done through prayers and moderation. Only 30 minutes of daily praying and doing the workbook exercises is expected to launch your weight loss christian.

A set of tools designed to tame the secular desires helps learn how to eat small servings and very occasionally, just to sustain your living. When taught, you will be able to eat anything you want, including the “waistline killer” confectionery and junk food, – because you will know how to tame your once uncontrolled cravings.

The diet also trains to look away from the abundant media advertising that makes you go and buy all those unnecessary foods you subsequently gobble forced by TV and other.


Effective feedback

The Eden Diet couches are always there to assist – through a free diet forum, support groups or online store offering a variety of dedicated manuals, workbooks, CDs and other essentials to trigger your christian loss of weight.

What is important for slimdown success, you will never be let alone, unless you want it. You are taken through the program, and your any doubts are always subject to a close discussion with your couch. You can do it on either a paid-for or pay-free basis, depending on the plan you choose.

For those seeking to be in the know twenty-four-seven, free subscriptions are available: you can order the Eden Diet newsletter online and keep posted every single day of your weight-loss program.

christian weight loss

If you are religious and feel like your church commitment prevents you from going on a diet, christian weight loss is right the thing you may need. The Eden Diet in particular is designed to change your attitude to diets, with all spiritual aspects in mind. So, switch on your “can-do” mode and follow the above recommendations being free from any non-compliance fears.



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