Amazing results of celebrity weight loss

Celebrity weight loss achievements can rightfully be placed among of the most compelling slimdown stories . Their “before” and “after” pictures often astonish, and no wonder: these people have the incentives like no one else has. On the other hand, who but celebs can teach a good lesson of how to make extra pounds melt away. Find below the overwhelming starry weight-loss experience, which you can take as a model for your slimming plan .


Jessica Simpson: magic walks

Sexy slim-fit all the while, Jessica Simpson suddenly lost her pinup-girl reputation after her son`s birth. She tried lots of allegedly miraculous diets and exhausting workouts, but what really brought an amazing effect was walking . First, she walked just to put herself together, but very soon she noticed her extra pounds were fading away. Jessica targeted ten thousand steps a day at a medium pace – this mode was chosen by her nutritionist as excellent to burn the unnecessary calories.

Today, Jessica combines outside and treadmill walks with resistance sets worked out for her body individually by an experienced instructor. She does walking daily and has resistance trainings three times a week 45 minutes each. The girl claims this helps her forget about fatting. Jessica encourages on downloading a fitness tracker to your gadget and fixing the performance to trace regular achievements.


Mariah Carey: learning to balance

Mariah Carey`s story is a great example of successful celebrity weight loss. Stuck in the memory of her fans as a singer with a stunning voice and body shape, she saw the additional 30 lb caused by the childbirth to change her style a lot. To shed pounds, Mariah chose the system designed by Jenny Craig known as one of the world`s weight management leaders.

The method is very simple yet truly effective, with the focus on diminishing the risks of diabetes and heart diseases typically caused by overweight among Americans. Craig`s diet plan is low-calorie, and the nutrition is well-balanced through 60% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 20% fats. The menu is supplemented by tailor-made workouts based primarily on cardios and Pilates, as well as Jenny`s signature technique – dedicated consultants assigned to each dieter individually to help control the weight and make its loss permanent.

The singer`s 4-week performance is not only the decreased weight, but also a neat body shape following the proper weight loss challenge .


Kim Kardashian: thumbs up to doctor Atkins

Kim Kardashian`s target was 70 lb of pregnancy overweight off. Kim decided on following a famous doctor Atkins` diet plan , which relies principally on a seriously limited intake of carbs, including sugars. As typical for the weight loss of celebrities, the woman`s opening result was already astonishing: 30 lb off her body.

The reality was that Kim had serious problems with overeating, and this went beyond her control as she was carrying her second baby. For this reason, doctor Atkins` program looked a lifeline: Atkins diet plan is low-carb nutrition, with fats and proteins to be almost out of count. The initial, and rather considerable, loss of weight takes place during the first phase already – when the body learns how to re-target the metabolism and burn fats but not carbohydrates.

It seems now like this showbiz diva has reached the target. Very recently, Kim`s bikini snap has collected over one million likes, which again proves the effect of a carefully matched diet.


Drew Carey: making friends with treadmills

When it comes to slimming, celeb men keep up with their female colleagues. A truly amazing celebrity weight loss result was demonstrated by Drew Carey, a host of the famous The Price is Right show. Pulling himself together, the man managed to shed an incredible load of pounds with no surgery and pills.

Drew`s primary tools in struggling the overweight were cardiovascular exercises and cutting down on carbos. The comedian practiced 45 minutes of cardios six days a week and almost gave up carbo-rich foods, especially sugars and sweet fruit. Such a smart lifestyle approach, which actually meant a complete change of the customary routine, brought him the happy loss of nearly 80 lb.

It needs to be mentioned that Drew Carey was initially motivated to start losing weight by being wretchedly diagnosed diabetes rather than just striving for better fitting. Nonetheless, once involved, he couldn`t rewind and eventually made it his living standard. Today, Drew is in a great shape, with plenty of TV projects ahead. His example has inspired many of his fans to follow a healthier lifestyle.

celebrity weight loss

The weight loss of celebrities supported by vivid “before” and “after” photos can become a strong driver for your slimming. Hollywood stars never economize on their looks and try any and all weight-loss methods , which can be an excellent charge-free guide to the world of trailblazing weight loss techniques.


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