Why we need enough calories to lose weight


We got accustomed to the belief that one should reduce the calorie intake to shrink in dress size. However, it is not exactly this way: in fact, we do need certain calories to both maintain our wellbeing and dwindle. That is why the questions like “how many calories should I eat to lose weight” are well justified.


Eat less than you burn

To be slim, you have to eat fewer calories than your body typically burns – this is the rule. However, this does not mean you should be continuously scratching your head over all those “how many calories to lose weight” concerns and counting – just change the eating style, and the calories will cut themselves. How to do this? Very easy, just follow the below:

  • Use fats to burn fats (strange as it may sound). This is about natural fats like fatty acids consumed, for example, from salmon, tuna, flax oil or walnuts. Eat these to conquer your overweight. However, strictly avoid bad fats like butter or lard, which every gram contains 9 calories, with most of them to be useless. In the latter case, the answer to “how many calories to eat to lose weight” is “zero”.


  • Stay away from sugars. Of whatever type, including dietary additives and even fruit, the latter to be often too sugar-rich to be eaten in abundance, especially before nighttime. Very sly, sugars can be hidden plentiful in seemingly innocent things like a can of a soft drink, with its true calories approximating 100. Meanwhile, you need to walk 26 minutes to get rid of this moment pleasure.


  • Enrich yourself in fiber. The greatest miracle of fiber is that it retards water, and thus your stomach keeps believing it is full for a much longer period than it really is. Needless to explain how important it is for decreasing the appetite. Want to experience this miracle yourself? Try it with beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruit (again, be careful with portioning the latter).


Lose calories while sleeping

Our calories depend on motion, but not that largely as you would think of them. In fact, even complete stillness makes us burning fats. Even when your eyes are closed, and you are resting blissfully in the arms of Morpheus, your calories keep burning themselves. Possibly, you will be astonished at the figures of such “lazy slimming”: 60-75% calories lost motionless. Another 10% is burnt while digesting the food you have consumed.

You should definitely not consider this to be the instruction to idling around. It rather speaks in favor of healthy sleep as well as no need for panic calorie calculations every time you eat. You are strongly encouraged to go to a gym to keep fit, but mind your body will anyway replenish the useful calories you have lost.

calories to lose weight

If you have been perplexing yourself with the desperate “how many calories do I need to lose weight”, note that the nature is wise enough to release you from such trouble thinking and burden your intestines instead. Their nerves designed specifically to count your calories are always here to ensure you are satiated. This explains why people normally consume the same quantity of calories every day with no count.

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