Looking for the best exercise to lose weight

best exercise to lose weight

What do we usually do when superfluous pounds creep upon us? Go on extreme diets (which is worse) or get to active workouts (which is better). Cutting down on food can cause severe problems, while regular exercises can really stimulate weight loss, provided that they are selected carefully.


Say “no” to strength sports

Pity to say, but not every sports activity is capable of taking your extra weight off. A qualified training expert will never recommend any muscle-building exercises following the question “What is the best exercise to lose weight fast?” In fact, any weightlifting workouts and resistance trainings are helpless as long as your overweight is concerned.

It is wise to get down to power sports as soon as you complete at least the basic weight loss session. Even so, start your strength trainings mildly. At the minimum, these will provide for no visual and actual effect at all; at the maximum, your fat mass will become twice as big, your muscle mass growth pro rata. Therefore, be careful with dosing your power trainings, if any, while losing weight. Still, whatever the case, experts say any sort of muscle building is never the best exercise to lose weight. This considered, think well before you take up your workouts to burn fat easy.


Say “yes” to cardios

Probably, the best exercise routine to lose weight is walking: we walk every day, even though along our homes – whether cleaning, or busy cooking, or just idling around. Regular walks are definitely worth being added to your daily to-do list, and they will certainly become an excellent support to such weight-burning activities as cardio trainings.

Cardios are claimed the most effective tools for size reduction. Cardiovascular activities, by their nature, require fats from our bodies – to get fueled. As such, the fats you wish so much to get rid of are utilized profitably by your organism. Run or jogging everyday – those are the lifelines. Fall into cycling as well: spin the pedals on a regular basis – whether of your favorite bicycle outside or the cycle simulator in a gym.

Yet, what is thought to be exceedingly helpful in losing extra pounds is sprinting, or running a short distance at top speed. Sprint runs stimulate the utmost energy release, which means you throw away the calories your body needs no more. It is also proved the best exercise to lose weight fast because of its primary accent on losing fatty mass rather than water weight: experts recommend concentrating upon fatty deposits when pursuing weight loss, and sprinters are better winners in terms of triggering this target. Sprinting demonstrates much faster metabolism than, say, ordinary jogging, and so it makes you closer to the cherished curves.

best exercise to lose weight

If, for some reason, you cannot act a sprinter, opt for the alternative ways to diminish your thighs: cycle, jump-rope, jog, swim, practice yoga. Should you lack time for the above, then simply walk – any movement of the sort, unless sedentary, will be gradually cutting you on size.

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