Balanced diet for weight loss in different age

balanced diet for weight loss

It is very likely that many of you have always thought a balanced diet for weight loss is enough to keep slim. However, competent dieticians say what we should eat very much depends on how old we are. Once we fail to keep within the age-oriented nutrition, our metabolism gets disordered and further brings extra inches to our thighs and tummies. Learn how to diet when you are either 20 or 50.


You are not yet 20

Help your body grow and make your dieting rich in Omega 3 fats like flaxseeds and fatty fish (salmon, herrings, tuna, mackerel, sardines etc.)

The proteins and zinc so much wanted by your under-20 organism can be consumed from eggs, both whites and yolks, thus turning your nourishment into a balanced diet for weight loss.

The nutrition with enough calcium and magnesium – like seeds, nuts, greenery (green vegs), almonds and almond milk, fresh (not dried) dates and whole-wheat products – will make your maturity transition period smoother.


You are between 20 and 25

Once after 20, you need more vitamins to keep your vital processes going. All sorts of cabbage (broccoli, savoy, red drumhead, napa etc.), cauliflower, greenery like spinach, arugula, fennel, lettuce and basil, as well as eggs (not more than 3 pcs. a day) are appropriate for your daily meals.

To provide for better metabolic processes, take enough iron – from sunflower seeds, nuts, lentils, fish, veal and beef.


You are between 25 and 30

To keep your weight normal, go heavy on magnesium-rich foods like legumes, whole-wheat products, avocados and dark chocolate. Remember this age group is vulnerable to caffeine as the one to hamper the magnesium absorption, so cut down on coffees considerably. Sugars are not recommended, too.


You are between 30 and 40

When you are on your way to 40, folic acid should make your balanced diet for loss of weight. Citrus fruit in its wide variety, spinach, cabbage, legumes and asparagus are excellent natural sources to consume this substance. Add your every meal with whatever greenery – this will make the acid get absorbed better and faster.

In view of a big citric value to your dieting, a grapefruit diet  can become a true find. You can go on it regularly, thus doing away with the toxins accumulated.


You are between 40 and 50

This is a risky age group requiring the following foods to mitigate the exposures and not let the extra inches occupy your waistline: sardines weekly; beef-based dishes (grilled, boiled, roasted, but never fried); handful unprocessed peanuts every day. You may be likely to put it in question, but these products are enough between 40 and 50 to ensure a balanced diet for weight loss.


You are post-50

All those after 50 need to include seeds, nuts and greenery in their everyday rations. Since the metabolism gets much slower after 50, which brings extra pounds to your thighs and other delicate body parts, combine proteins with vegs. Make sure your weekly nutrition plan includes whole-wheat products, eggs, fatty fish, avocados and legumes, on top of the foods mentioned already. Note no sugars are allowed post 50.

balanced diet for weight loss

As you can see, the balanced diets for weight loss are not solely about what you eat, but also about when you eat this. Nutritionists say that sticking to your specific age dieting, along with adequate weight-loss workouts, can slow down the natural process of gaining overweight and prevent the one caused by the reasons other than age.


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