Acupuncture for weight loss: reviews of those in the know

acupuncture for weight loss

By quite a few, acupuncture for weight loss is considered a nice alternative to radical weight-loss surgery  or pills. Quite a few report remarkable results upon completion of a session set. With the ever-growing curiosity about this age-old technique, we decided to go backstage and listen to what other people say.


Acupuncture effects

Unless you are over 75, and you suffer from neither of TB, malignant tumors, blood diseases, grave heart illnesses or any severe infections, you are eligible for acupuncture therapy.

The procedure is almost painless, even though it may seem quite the opposite, because the therapist inserts true-to-life needles in your body. Real professionals do these manipulations very quickly, so that no pain is felt. A session normally takes 25 to 60 minutes, with a 10-15 minute rest recommended afterwards. There is no average frequency and quantity of sessions: each patient is prescribed individually, depending on the needs and case neglection.

Patients are strongly discouraged from the dieting they used to have prior to the acupuncture to lose weight. At the final session, acupuncturists usually provide for a detailed diet plan focused on keeping the gained slimdown result. It is not actually a starving diet, but rather a set of healthy eating rules: dieters are mostly asked to give up fatty meals, sugars and spicy foods (except chili peppers ).

Acupuncture sessions recover the metabolism and reduce the appetite. This in aggregate makes the patient eat in smaller servings (normally 6 per day), which habit is kept ever after. In addition, the needle insertion procedures cut the body down on toxins and fatty deposits, as well as retained liquids. Of course, this all is achieved if under the surveillance of an expert, and provided that the therapist`s recommendations are fully complied with. If positive, then a patient can reduce by 10 lb to 30 lb within just one month.


Acupuncture reviews

The web is stuffed with weight loss acupuncture reviews left by those who passed through the procedure. However, this fact is not likely to help you make up your mind, as the comments are both positive and negative.


Minnie, 24, lost 35 lb

Minnie S., Pennsylvania, tried the acupuncture therapy 4 years ago, as she was 20, and proved to lose overall 35 lb. With her 5 feet 8 inches in height, 165 lb of the original weight was over the norm, which she further confirmed with an ideal weight calculator .

During the introductory session, the therapist made for several medical tests and prescribed to acupuncture the right arm. In a short while, Minnie noticed surprisingly that she started eating less. A bit later, inspired by the unexpected results, she started calculating calories  and eventually cut down on bad fats, fried and roasted foods, processed and thermally treated stuff, as well as sugars. This sort of dieting was just a doctor`s recommendation and not at all compulsory to observe. Still, the girl was very determined about sticking to it ardently, moreover that, after the session, it appeared to be very easy.

Within 4 dieting months, Minnie managed to shed as much as 35 lb, with nearly 9 lb per month. Her slimming was accompanied by neither headaches (to which she was alerted) nor cravings.

Now, upon 4 years, the girl does not stick to any diets, but still keeps her then-achieved weight of 130 lb. Minnie`s impressions of the acupuncture for weight loss are very positive, and she strongly encourages those overweight to try it out.


Helen, 33, lost 0 lb

Helen T., Minnesota, was advised an acupuncture clinic about 2 years ago, as she was 31, and the woman decided to test it almost immediately. After a short telephone negotiation, she bought a 3-week set.

Helen had her ears and right arm acupunctured. With her 192 lb, the therapist found these points to be most winning. Helen was told to be likely to start losing pounds after the third session. However, the sessions and money were fading away, while the annoying pounds stood still.

The zero effect was ever more surprising if consider Helen`s exhausting gym trainings every day, which she made for on top of harsh nutrition based on a liquid diet.

The “tortures” lasted for a bit more than 3 months. Yet, the scale was at its original mark.

At the follow-up stage, the result still showed a naught. Helen was frustrated and not in a position to recommend the therapy to her friends.

acupuncture for weight loss

The contrasting experience above further proves that the acupuncture for weight loss is not a one-fits-all panacea. Its effect largely depends on the patient`s overall health and idiosyncrasies. Some experience amazing results, while others shed next to nothing.

So, to contact an acupuncturist or not? The answer is definitely “yes”. You will never get that high unless try it out. After all, no guts, no glory.


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